February 23–26, 2020
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Keeping kids happy: How Roblox uses containers to deliver smiles to over 90 million gamers

Rob Cameron (Roblox), Lisa-Marie Namphy (Portworx)
4:50pm5:40pm Tuesday, February 25, 2020
Location: Murray Hill
Secondary topics:  Case Study
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Who is this presentation for?

  • Architects, operators, users, and gamers




Containers are keeping your kids happy. Roblox maintains availability and performance of a platform used by over 90 million gamers each month. It uses container orchestration to manage gaming workloads that scale to thousands of nodes spread across the globe, delivering the best possible gaming experience for its players. Roblox created a solution that also prevents data loss in the case of large-scale failures.

Rob Cameron and Lisa-Marie Namphy explain how Roblox tackled the challenge of running stateful services without sacrificing critical resiliency and redundancy. It discovered how to scale to millions of users without scaling a storage platform and guarding against loss of service for its players. Rob and Lisa-Marie detail the innovative environment built leveraging containers to run gaming infrastructure at a massive global scale.

What you'll learn

  • Discover how Roblox transitioned from Windows infrastructure to a Linux environment running containers
  • Learn how teams can come together to overcome the organizational struggles that orchestration systems can create
Photo of Rob Cameron

Rob Cameron


Rob Cameron is the technical director of cloud services at Roblox. As a self-described “tech nerd who wants to make gaming infrastructure amazing,” Rob chose to leverage containers to power Roblox’s infrastructure at massive scale. Rob has been solving hard technical challenges for nearly 20 years in the industry, consulting with over one thousand different organizations around security and scalable infrastructure. Before focusing on the technical challenges facing the gaming industry, he spent most of his career working for Juniper Networks in the security space.

Photo of Lisa-Marie Namphy

Lisa-Marie Namphy


Lisa-Marie Namphy is a developer advocate and community architect at Portworx, a cloud native startup in the container ecosystem. She’s a longtime open source contributor, advocate (and fan), and community architect of the SF Bay Cloud Native Containers User Group (currently the world’s largest CNCF user group), personally hosting the monthly meetup for the past five years. Previously, Lisa led the global developer community team focused on open source across HPE. She’s an advocate and spokesperson for diversity and inclusion, she’s an avid sports fan, and she loves wine and dogs…and of course architecting developer communities. Follow Lisa at @SWDevAngel.

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