Engineering the Future of Software
Feb 25–26, 2018: Training
Feb 26–28, 2018: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY

Incremental architecture

Allen Holub (Holub Associates)
10:45am–12:15pm Tuesday, February 27, 2018
Secondary topics:  Best Practice
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Who is this presentation for?

  • Architects and developer

Prerequisite knowledge

  • Familiarity with any object-oriented language

What you'll learn

  • Learn how to build a coherent and robust architecture that can expand over time, easily accommodating changing requirements


Modern development practices rarely use large up-front design phases any more, but if you are still using them, you’ll likely encounter problems with your design as you implement. The solution is to build around a domain-focused metaphor that allows for incremental changes while maintaining coherence throughout. Allen Holub demonstrates how to develop an effective and coherent architecture incrementally as the code evolves.

Topics include:

  • How to define effective user stories
  • How to develop a domain model and a system metaphor from those stories
  • How to design as you code in a way that maintains system coherence.
  • How to write systems that can easily accommodate changing requirements.
  • Using TDD techniques to design as you build
Photo of Allen Holub

Allen Holub

Holub Associates

Allen Holub is one of the country’s foremost software architects and Agile-transformation consultants. Allen speaks internationally about all things Agile and software architecture and provides in-house training and consulting in those areas. He’s also an expert-level programmer, specializing in Swift, Java, and Web 2.0 applications and microservices. Allen can build highly dynamic websites (along the lines of Gmail) from front to back: both the frontend code—JavaScript, JQuery, Angular, HTML5, and CSS3—that runs in the browser and the backend code—Java, PHP, MySQL, Ruby, Mongo, C++, ZeroMQ, and EC2—that runs either on your server or in the cloud. Allen is widely published. His works include 10 books, hundreds of articles in publications ranging from Dr. Dobb’s Journal to IBM DeveloperWorks, and video classes for (Agility with Allen), Pluralsight (Swift in Depth, Picturing Architecture, Object-Oriented Design), O’Reilly (Design Patterns in the Real World), and Lynda/LinkedIn.

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Picture of Ruben Sousa
03/06/2018 5:32am EST

Good morning Allen,
thanks for sharing your knowledge at the conference. I couldn’t attend your talk, but would definitely be interested in taking a look at your slides. Are you planning to post them in the conference’s procedures page?
Thanks in advance for posting,