4–7 Nov 2019
Diogo Lucas

Diogo Lucas
Senior Architect, Atlassian

Diogo Lucas is a senior architect at Atlassian, and he sucks at writing about himself and can’t wait for the day he’ll be famous enough that someone will do it for him. And bring perfect lattes with lovely art on top. Coming to think of it, scratch the writing, just the latte, please. Ahem, but I—nope, he—digresses. Whenever he’s not struggling with the hard work of describing who he is (hm, could he get his mother to do it? Nah, she’d write about that embarrassing story of when he was 9), he does software architecture stuff, which is mostly about drawing lots of arrows and boxes in a whiteboard (bonus points if you put a cloud in or two—they’re all the rage these days), talking to lots of people (sometimes involving coffee, although nobody ever volunteers to bring this poor guy a latte), and coding (yes, you still have to do that as an architect). Oh, he’s also a teacher. If you came here for the catchy words, here’s some of the stuff he’s been involved with: architecture (patterns, integration, event-driven, modernization, arch patterns, and culture), API (strategy, design, and platform), and Agile (DevOps, CI/CD, Kanban, and Agile transformation).


15:5516:40 Thursday, 7 November 2019
Location: M6/M7
Secondary topics:  Anti-Pattern, Best Practice, Case Study
Sidney Shek (Atlassian), Diogo Lucas (Atlassian)
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Your organization has grown and now you need to break down product silos and leverage a common platform to move to the next big step. Join Sidney Shek and Diogo Lucas to hear to the ups and downs of a platformization journey, where they address the features you need to platformize and when, how much design is enough for a platform service, how to handle the mass adoption of your service, and more. Read more.
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