4–7 Nov 2019
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O'Reilly Ignite Berlin

18:3520:05 Wednesday, 6 November 2019
Location: Hall A6
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O’Reilly is bringing Ignite to Berlin following the day’s tutorials. Join us for a fun, high-energy evening of speed talks—all aspiring to live up to the Ignite motto: Enlighten us, but make it quick.

Ignite is free and open to the public. Software Architecture and Velocity attendees do not need to register; your conference badge grants you entry into this event.

The lineup so far

Using Docker to deploy embedded systems
—Geoff Ballinger

Geoff dives into how to use Docker, usually thought of as cloud technology, to help solve the challenges encountered in deploying event camera-based localization solutions on vehicle with his company’s digital rail partners including Deutsche Bahn and Network Rail. This is the internet of (really big) things.

Growing into new roles beyond the cloud
—Daiany Palacios

Modern cloud roles didn’t exist five years ago. Today, people mostly evolve into them; they adapt to the new challenges and circumstances. Using stories from her own experience, Daiany provides tips on how to improve the key skills (technology agnostic) to succeed in this adventure without excessive stress.

Can AI systems be trusted?
—Kemal Delic

No technology in recent memory has created so much buzz and excitement as the AI. There is no domain, field, or subject that hasn’t been touched by it. However, the future of technology will depend on trust in AI systems. Kemal explores the design of trustworthy AI systems.

Building cloud applications based on zero trust
—Mahesh Patil

Mahesh has been a big proponent of Kubernetes and loyal to Capital One. However, the week of 28 August while enjoying his holiday with his family in the Lake District, he was disappointed by both. A Kubernetes audit had revealed 34 vulnerabilities, and CapitalOne’s data was stolen. This raised the question of whom to trust. Mahesh makes a case and provides a framework for zero trust in the cloud.

Signal TERM
—Alon Nisser

Everything that has a beginning has an end. Everything—including the programs we write and run. How can we prepare for this final goodbye? It turns out, Alon explains, that in order to die well, our programs need to live well—or at least have a decent death ready architecture. Also, don’t try to cut a deal with death. Zombies are the worst.

Hack your way through CI/CD automation
—Halima Koundi

We all agree on the importance of the automation of the build and release pipelines of our components. Halima’s team wanted to make the life of their developers less painful when it comes to CI/CD. Halima explores how the company automated the creation of those pipelines on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Neural networks in 5 minutes
—Paris Buttfield-Addison

Machine learning is really hot right now, but it has a reputation for being inapproachable: a confusion of mystery incantations, dense math, and conflated terms. It’s not as bad as all that. Paris gives you everything you need to know about machine learning, assuming no prior knowledge. Together, over 20 slides, you and Paris will build a neural network from scratch in five minutes…and learn how it works.

What we as developers can learn from children
—Sarah Wachs

Playful office spaces with video games and ping pong tables are a trend in startups and big tech companies. Sarah believes there are more situations than just recreation where we can benefit from leaving our adult mindset behind for a while. When we think more like children, we can come up with new ways to look at problems and find unique solutions to overcome technical challenges.

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