4–7 Nov 2019
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Architecture for modular frontend applications

Florian Rappl (smapiot), Lothar Schöttner (smapiot)
16:5017:35 Wednesday, 6 November 2019
Location: Hall A2
Secondary topics:  Case Study, Hands-on

Who is this presentation for?

  • Architects, tech leads, and senior developers




The architecture pattern of microservices is found in many modern system landscapes, offering flexibility for the backend services. The frontend is very often realized as a monolith, although ideally, the frontend and backend follow a similar pattern. As a consequence, the user’s experience with microservice backends will no longer be based on a static monolith but rather on a highly flexible frontend.

Florian Rappl and Lothar Schöttner explore a framework for implementing a highly flexible solution to integrate decoupled modules into a rich frontend application. The essential building blocks of their framework use Piral as a reference implementation, and one of the building blocks is a dedicated provisioning service, allowing the frontend to fetch modules tailored to the current user content. This service can be used together with feature flags to enable a variety of advanced usage scenarios. They also include the loose coupling of contained layers to provide flexibility for realizing required functionality or advanced tooling for building and publishing feature modules. You’ll also learn how to define a distributed modular frontend architecture, considerations for scalability and development, and how to build and deploy a modular frontend application.

The resulting frontend architecture is a perfect fit as a user interface for a microservice backend. On top of the benefits at runtime, the modular architecture comes with efficiency gains for development and operations like splitting up the realization efforts across independent teams or applying individual lifecycles for feature modules.

Prerequisite knowledge

  • A basic understanding of modern web applications, including single page applications (SPAs) and microservice architectures

What you'll learn

  • Understand the motivation behind a dynamic frontend application
  • Discover the benefits of modular architecture in contrast to a frontend monolith using the example of an existing framework (Piral)
Photo of Florian Rappl

Florian Rappl


Florian Rappl is a solution architect for the IoT and distributed web applications at smapiot. His main interest lies in the creation of innovative architectures that scale in development and usage. Florian also does research on user-interaction models that enhance human-machine interaction. He won several prizes for his work and is a Microsoft MVP in the area of development technologies. He regularly blogs and writes articles for several popular websites in the web development space.

Photo of Lothar Schöttner

Lothar Schöttner


Lothar Schöttner is the founder and CEO of smapiot, a German software solutions company. Besides the focus on the products and services of smapiot, he supports clients as solution architect on consulting projects in the areas of the IoT and identity management.

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