4–7 Nov 2019
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Event storming for domain-driven design modeling

Kenny Baas-Schwegler (Xebia), João Rosa (Xebia)
9:0012:30 Tuesday, 5 November 2019
Location: Hall A1
Secondary topics:  Hands-on
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Who is this presentation for?

  • Software architects, business analysts, product owners, software engineers, and testers




Creating multiple models for the same problem is one of the more important lessons that domain-driven design teaches you. It’s a lot cheaper to quickly iterate over them and throw away less-useful prototypes before you even start coding. However, creating multiple models can be hard. When you begin gaining insight from your domain, you may suffer from cognitive biases that get in your way to gain new insights. You need these insights before you even start thinking about modeling. Tools like event storming can help you to deliberately discover and battle these biases. They help you quickly gain insight into the problem space.

Kenny Baas-Schwegler and João Rosa explore the essentials of event storming and how it can help you gain the necessary insights to deliver quality software. With your newly acquired domain knowledge, you can start modeling multiple models for the same problem with domain-driven design patterns. This way of visualizing gives you the power to quickly iterate over different models and figure out which will be the best to use. You’ll leave with the confidence to start your coding journey in test-driven development (TDD) style.

What you'll learn

  • Discover how to do domain modeling with event storming
Photo of Kenny Baas-Schwegler

Kenny Baas-Schwegler


Kenny Baas-Schwegler is a software engineer and consultant focusing on software quality at Xebia. He mentors teams by using practices and techniques from domain-driven design, behavior-driven development, test-driven development, and continuous delivery. He’s an advocate for collaborating in open spaces and using techniques such as event storming, feature mapping, and example mapping to engineer requirements and design of software along with business stakeholders. With these methods, he aims to create a transparent collaborative domain space with constant and instant feedback of the software that is being built. Besides his daily work, he also organizes meetups for Behaviour Driven Development NL and Domain Driven Design NL.

Photo of João Rosa

João Rosa


João Rosa is a software consultant at Xebia, focused on delivering quality software that matters. He believes in the software crafts to provide software in sustainable peace; he is a domain-driven design (DDD), behavior-driven design (BDD), and (test-driven development) TDD practitioner. He can’t live without his CI/CD pipeline. During his career, he always pushed the teams and himself to improve communication, reducing the gap between developers and the business. When not on duty, you can find him traveling with his wife or lying down on the beach reading a book. João is an amateur cook in his remaining time.

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