Engineering the Future of Software
29–31 Oct 2018: Tutorials & Conference
31 Oct–1 Nov 2018: Training
London, UK

Schedule: Integration architecture sessions

15:5016:40 Monday, 29 October 2018
Location: Park Suite (St. James / Regents)
Secondary topics:  Best Practice, Overview
Maggie Carroll (MAG Aerospace)
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(2.64, 14 ratings)
Software architects and enterprise architects work with a variety of roles, and often the deep technical work is performed by other application architects or solutions architects. Maggie Carroll shares useful skills and actionable techniques for creating a new architecture function and leading other architects in developing a system of systems. Read more.
15:5016:40 Tuesday, 30 October 2018
Location: Windsor Suite
Secondary topics:  Best Practice
Benjamin Stopford (Confluent)
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(4.64, 11 ratings)
One of the most interesting and provocative patterns to face the software architecture community is the idea of using event streaming as a source of truth—a pattern where replayable logs provide both communication and storage, splicing the retentive properties of a database into a system designed to share data across teams. Benjamin Stopford explains why this pattern is transformative. Read more.
9:0012:30 Wednesday, 31 October 2018
Location: Windsor Suite
Secondary topics:  Case Study, Hands-on
Tom Hofte (Xebia), Marco van der Linden (Xebia)
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(3.40, 5 ratings)
A web API is a channel into your business domain. Because of its simplicity, REST is the de facto standard for developing web APIs, but translating complex domain behavior to simple REST concepts is typically not straightforward. Tom Hofte and Marco van der Linden explore RESTful resource modeling and share practical solutions to bridge the gap between a domain model and a RESTful API. Read more.