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29–31 Oct 2018: Tutorials & Conference
31 Oct–1 Nov 2018: Training
London, UK
Seth Dobbs

Seth Dobbs
Vice President, Engineering, Bounteous

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Seth Dobbs is the vice president of engineering at Bounteous, where he directs the development of ecommerce, web, and mobile applications, digital transformations, and other solutions for numerous clients. This work includes architecting an ecommerce system that grew to be the fourth largest transactional commerce system on the internet. Seth sets the technology direction at Bounteous and drives the technical skill development by organizing and presenting deep dives into new languages, database platforms, and methodologies. He also has developed several internal architecture and leadership training courses and blogs. Seth was named Chicago’s best technology manager for 2016 by Tech in Motion. Previously, he was a software engineer at Motorola, where he was first exposed to complex architectures and where he designed and implemented a service-based framework enabling data services to be distributed and recoverable across multiple servers. Seth holds a BS in computer science from Illinois Tech.


15:0515:45 Monday, 29 October 2018
Location: Table 3
Seth Dobbs (Bounteous)
Seth is here to talk about how to improve your communication skills to be a more effective architect as well as general leadership skills and how they relate to the role of architect. He’s also happy to chat about architecture and technology strategy, drawing on his experience leading a team of 100+ developers and architects and helping deliver several dozen different implementations. Read more.
9:0012:30 Wednesday, 31 October 2018
Leadership skills
Location: Blenheim Room - Palace Suite
Secondary topics:  Best Practice
Seth Dobbs (Bounteous)
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Communication is not an optional soft skill for architects. It's essential to your success. You may have the most brilliant ideas, but if you're ineffective in communicating their value or if you can't obtain buy-in from your stakeholders, you won't be successful. Seth Dobbs shares a process for effectively shaping and communicating your solutions to different stakeholders. Read more.