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Enclave-based architecture: A blueprint for cloud-native financial institutions

16:5017:40 Tuesday, 30 October 2018
Enterprise architecture
Location: Buckingham Room - Palace Suite
Secondary topics:  Best Practice, Case Study
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Who is this presentation for?

  • Software architects, fintech enthusiasts, and geeks in general

What you'll learn

  • Learn how to use "standard" blueprints to avoid mandatory manual compliance checks on and relax about the tech stacks in use, how Open Service Broker APIs can help you in your journey, and why BeyondCorp won't work if you do not have Google's muscles
  • Explore enclave-based architecture: What it is and how it helps


Have you ever noticed that in almost any technical conference, there’s a talk that at some point compares the new shiny wonderful IT world with the old dusty gray one, and then there it is—the example slide: a great, green, sunny IT startup with happy, young, awesome devs set against the boring, gray, old bank with monkeys dancing around a monolithic mainframe.

Well, we can’t even really call it discrimination. It’s mostly true, and of course, “for good reason”—or at least this is all we keep repeating to each other every morning when we get to the office.

Danske Bank grew tired of all this and started to talk across its enterprise sil…ehm…towers in order to find a possible way forward. Thanks to the pressure of the business demanding greater agility, the bank came up with a great set of arrows and boxes on a PowerPoint deck called the “digitalization blueprint.”

That was around three years ago. Angelo Agatino Nicolosi explains how the bank is defining and delivering brand-new financial services at startup speed with its legacy core banking platform through the simple concept of an enclave.

Topics include:

  • Using blueprints to speed up development and ensure compliance, security, and quality
  • A blueprint that is particularly interesting for microservice development, inspired by the great ideas and practices of the Reactive Manifesto
  • Technical details of the automation infrastructure, namely Danske Bank’s Open Service Broker provider that instantiates full-blown infrastructure supporting preapproved application architecture blueprints
  • How Danske got the elephant to dance; or, Integration patterns with the mainframe-based core banking platform
Photo of Angelo Agatino Nicolosi

Angelo Agatino Nicolosi


Angelo Agatino Nicolosi is a full stack technologist with a strong theoretical background in mathematics and computing, Angelo specializes in computer security (particularly applied cryptography) and the design and development of distributed systems and cloud computing.

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Picture of Angelo Agatino Nicolosi
Angelo Agatino Nicolosi | HEAD OF THE CUSTOMER CIRCLE
1/11/2018 14:12 GMT

Hello Asher!
Thanks for the feedback! For some reason the presentation was > 100MB, so I could not upload it directly here. But I shared it on SlideShare

Feel free to reach out if you need anyone for sparring and/or knowledge share.

Picture of Asher Sterkin
Asher Sterkin | VP ENGINEERING
1/11/2018 12:09 GMT

Hi, Angello!
enjoyed your presentation. Do you plan to upload slides? Would be helpful for followup.