All Software Architecture, All the Time
June 10-13, 2019
San Jose, CA
J.R. Jasperson

J.R. Jasperson
CTO, Twilio SendGrid


J.R. Jasperson is the CTO at Twilio SendGrid. A senior technology leader and strategist with a focus on architecture and engineering, he has over 20 years of experience working at internet services and SaaS companies as well as experience leading, designing, developing, and supporting enterprise-level, mission-critical infrastructure, OLTP, data warehouse/DSS, finance/reporting, marketing, CRM, and human resources systems at Fortune 50 companies.


4:50pm–5:35pm Wednesday, June 12, 2019
Cloud native, Distributed systems, Scale
Location: 210 C/G
Secondary topics:  Best Practice
J.R. Jasperson (Twilio SendGrid)
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Twilio SendGrid delivers more than 50 billion emails per month from some of the most recognizable brands on the internet. Three years ago, SendGrid began a journey to fully rearchitect its systems to cloud native, as a precursor to public cloud migration. Join J.R. Jasperson to explore the drivers, trade-offs, and technical decisions that enabled SendGrid’s transition to the cloud. Read more.