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July 15-18, 2019
Portland, OR
Matt Klein

Matt Klein
Software Engineer, Lyft

Matt Klein is a software engineer at Lyft and the creator of Envoy. He’s been working on operating systems, virtualization, distributed systems, networking, and making systems easy to operate for nearly 20 years across a variety of companies. Some highlights include leading the development of Twitter’s L7 edge proxy and working on high-performance computing and networking in Amazon’s EC2.


11:00am11:40am Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Secondary topics:  Customer Centered
Matt Klein (Lyft)
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Matt Klein leads you on a behind-the-scenes look at the nontechnical operations support system (OSS) aspects (community growth, documentation, PR, marketing, governance, business model, etc.) of Envoy’s incredible end-user-driven growth since being released only two years ago. Read more.