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July 15-18, 2019
Portland, OR
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Isobel Redelmeier

Isobel Redelmeier
OSS Engineer, LightStep

Isobel Redelmeier works on open source software at LightStep, where she focuses on OpenTracing and other observability solutions to improve performance management across distributed systems. She learned firsthand how difficult, and how valuable, observability can be when working at Pivotal, where she pushed code in about 10 languages to different production systems while working with Pivotal Labs. She later focused on security in Cloud Foundry.


4:15pm4:55pm Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Live Coding ONLY
Location: Portland 252
Secondary topics:  Open Source
Isobel Redelmeier (LightStep)
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You're sick of grepping through logs, hunting down the cause of last night's outage. Your team dreams of refactoring to better architecture but struggles to get started amid the spaghetti code. Production meets all performance objectives only because you can't measure it. Join Isobel Redelmeier to learn how to apply distributed tracing for better debugging, performance analysis, and refactoring. Read more.