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July 15-18, 2019
Portland, OR
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Timirah James

Timirah James
Tech Evangelist / Founder, TechniGal LA


Timirah is a Technology Evangelist and an influencer in the evangelism space creating awareness around STEM and diversity in tech, as well as helping others build great technical skills and become great developers. She is best known for being a leader in the Los Angeles and Silicon Beach tech community, her active roles in the hackathon realm, the serverless and mobile community, and mentoring through TechniGal LA –– her meetup for women exploring the world of STEM. Timirah was recently highlighted in the Faces of Open Source Project.

Fun fact: She is also a noted singer-songwriter and recently released “Coderitis,” a song about her love for technology and innovation, which can be found on SoundCloud and Spotify.


4:15pm4:55pm Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Emerging Languages and Frameworks
Location: Portland 256
Secondary topics:  Open Source
Timirah James (TechniGal LA)
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Although Swift is steadily gaining traction and credibility among developers, some still have trouble believing in Swift’s ability when it comes to serverless. But you don't have to be afraid. Timirah James explores the basics of the popular server-side Swift web framework Vapor and uses it to build a fun and simple serverless application. Read more.