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July 15-18, 2019
Portland, OR
Brad Topol

Brad Topol
IBM Distinguished Engineer , IBM


Brad Topol is an IBM distinguished engineer, leading efforts focused on open technologies and developer advocacy. Brad is a Kubernetes contributor, serves as a member of the Kubernetes Conformance Workgroup, and is a Kubernetes documentation maintainer. Previously, he was a member of the OpenStack Foundation board of directors, an OpenStack core contributor, and the project lead for the OpenStack Interoperability Challenge effort. Brad is a coauthor of Identity, Authentication, and Access Management in OpenStack by O’Reilly.


9:50am10:00am Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Location: Portland Ballroom
Pedro Cruz (IBM ), Brad Topol (IBM)
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Many IBM products and offerings have a solid foundation of open source—take a peek under the hood of IBM’s cloud platform and services and see for yourself. Pedro Cruz and Brad Topol outline the intersection between open source and natural disasters by sharing one of IBM's 2018 solutions. Learn how to get involved at Developer.ibm.com/callforcode. Read more.