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July 15-18, 2019
Portland, OR
Donald Miner

Donald Miner
Founder and Data Scientist, Miner & Kasch

Donald Miner is the founder of the data science consulting firm Miner & Kasch and specializes in large-scale data analysis and applying machine learning to real-world problems. Donald is author of the O’Reilly book MapReduce Design Patterns and multiple industry reports. He’s architected and implemented dozens of mission-critical and large-scale data analysis systems within the US Government and Fortune 500 companies. He has applied machine learning techniques to analyze data across several verticals, including financial, retail, telecommunications, healthcare, government intelligence, and entertainment. His PhD is from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, where he focused on artificial intelligence and multiagent systems. He lives in Maryland with his wife and three young sons.


9:55am10:30am Tuesday, July 16, 2019
ML Ops Day
Location: E145/146
Donald Miner (Miner & Kasch)
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Production artificial intelligence systems are interacting with the real world, and it's terrifying that oftentimes nobody has any idea how they're performing on live data. Donald Miner details why you should track your models in production over time, explains how you can implement proper logging and metrics for models, and details metrics you should probably be capturing. Read more.