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July 15-18, 2019
Portland, OR
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Michael Ernst

Michael Ernst
Professor, University of Washington


Michael Ernst is a professor in the computer science and engineering department at the University of Washington. He’s also the specification lead for JSR 308, which makes Java’s annotation system more expressive. Michael’s research aims to make software more reliable, more secure, and easier (and more fun) to produce. His primary technical interests are in software engineering and related areas, including programming languages, type theory, security, program analysis, bug prediction, testing, and verification. His research combines strong theoretical foundations with realistic experimentation with an eye to changing the way that software developers work. Previously, he was a tenured professor at MIT and a researcher at Microsoft Research.


5:05pm5:45pm Thursday, July 18, 2019
Live Coding ONLY
Location: Portland 252
Secondary topics:  Open Source
Michael Ernst (University of Washington)
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A type system detects errors at compile time. Your built-in type system still permits buts. Don't let programming language designers have all the fun: you can design your own type system that's better than the current one. Michael Ernst walks you through the simple task of designing a type system, and he live-codes a type system that prevents misuse of Java Optional type. Read more.