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July 16–17, 2018: Training & Tutorials
July 18–19, 2018: Conference
Portland, OR
Amye Scavarda

Amye Scavarda
Gluster Community Lead, Red Hat

Website | @amye

Amye Scavarda is the Gluster community lead at Red Hat, where she helps feed and water a large open source storage project and connect communities and developers.


5:05pm5:45pm Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Level: Non-technical
Amye Scavarda (Red Hat)
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Amye Scravada explores the process of creating an authentic, sustainable community around an open source product line. Drawing on her experience at open source companies, Amye outlines the ways that businesses can create developer values-centric communities that still meet the needs of all business stakeholders, including your company’s open source-loving engineers. Read more.