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July 16–17, 2018: Training & Tutorials
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Jose Parella

Jose Parella
Principal Program Manager, Microsoft


Jose Miguel Parrella is a principal program manager on the Azure team at Microsoft, sitting right where Linux and the cloud meet. An open source enthusiast with over 15 years of experience with Linux as a sysadmin, solutions architect, and Debian developer, previously, Jose Miguel led the design and architecture of the national Linux operating system of Venezuela (where he’s originally from), which has over 2 million end users today.


2:35pm3:15pm Thursday, July 19, 2018
Jose Parella (Microsoft)
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Linux's flexibility, composability, and robustness have made it the bread-and-butter of the cloud. But the cloud is changing how we make Linux happen. Join Jose Miguel Parrella to explore these changes with regard to networking, high availability and clustering, security and management, and application operations and governance. Read more.