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Adam Baratz

Adam Baratz
Director, Engineering, Wayfair

Adam Baratz is a director of engineering at Wayfair, where he leads the Boston-based teams that build the upper-funnel customer experience and the storefront teams in Wayfair’s Berlin office. He also participates in architecture reviews for department-wide projects. Adam incorporated InnerSource concepts into these processes to create more effective working groups that are capable of influencing engineering practices across a 1,300-person department.


2:50pm3:05pm Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Location: E141
Adam Baratz (Wayfair)
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Wayfair's engineering team has grown from several hundred members to over 1,300 in the last few years. It's important that the team doesn't slow as the company grows, especially when iterating on shared architecture. Adam Baratz offers an overview of how Wayfair structures its working groups, details their pros and cons, and explains how the company plans to iterate on this pattern. Read more.