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July 16–17, 2018: Training & Tutorials
July 18–19, 2018: Conference
Portland, OR
Stephen Walli

Stephen Walli
Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

Website | @stephenrwalli

Stephen Walli is a principal program manager on the Azure engineering team at Microsoft. A technical executive, founder, consultant, writer, systems developer, software construction geek, and a standards diplomat, Stephen loves to build teams and products that excite customers. He has worked in the IT industry for almost 40 years, 25 of them working with open source. Previously, he was a distinguished technologist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and consulted at Docker. Stephen blogs about the software business, standards, and open source at Once More unto the Breach, on Medium, and at Opensource.com.


1:45pm2:25pm Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Level: Beginner
Danese Cooper (NearForm), Stephen Walli (Microsoft)
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Twenty years in, open source represents one of the longest human experiments in global collaboration and change, and there are important lessons to be learned from this history. Danese Cooper and Stephen Walli explain why studying the history of open source will help the next generation of FOSS practitioners move forward with more confidence—and keep them from repeating past mistakes. Read more.