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The importance of community

Patricia Posey (Tech Superwomen)
10:00am10:05am Thursday, July 19, 2018
Location: Portland Ballroom
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Tech can be an isolating industry. Our communities inspire us, support us, bring us together, and help us build better products. It is also our communities that hold us accountable.

In this talk, Posey draws on her non-traditional journey into tech to illustrate how honest investments can build a sustainable community that is integral to the advancement of its members.

Photo of Patricia Posey

Patricia Posey

Tech Superwomen

Patricia Posey is the COO of Tech Superwomen and is recognized for her leadership in community engagement. She is also a product manager and a data analyst with insatiable curiosity, a knack for data automation, and a drive to build inspired communities.

Posey has a passion for connecting people to opportunity, inspiring them to reach their goals, and lifting them up in an ever-evolving industry. She asserts that an engaged community informs better and more innovative products.