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Sailing to 1.0: Istio community update

April Nassi (Google)
9:05am9:35am Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Location: B113-114

In just over a year of development, Istio is nearing the 1.0 release horizon. Much of Istio’s success comes from community involvement and engagement with the project. April Nassi explains how to get involved with Istio and engage with the community and details what’s on course following 1.0.

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April Nassi


April Kyle Nassi is an Istio and gRPC community manager at Google focused on open source strategy. Previously, she created the Salesforce Developer community program and put on many a Dreamforce DevZone. She’s a CNCF Ambassador, crazy dog lady, and native Texan. You can find her on the internet just about everywhere as @thisisnotapril.