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Istio à la carte

Daniel Ciruli (Google)
1:35pm2:05pm Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Location: B113-114

A full Istio implementation features many different services (Pilot, Mixer, Citadel, webhooks, adapters, etc.) and delivers a ton of features. However, the implementation of all of those services simultaneously is a daunting task. Further, Istio delivers a boatload of functionality, including security, observability, and traffic management. However, not everyone needs every feature, and not everyone wants to deploy every service.

Dan Ciruli discusses some early adopters of Istio who have simplified their implementation by focusing on their particular needs and only implementing the components they need in order to get that functionality.

Photo of Daniel Ciruli

Daniel Ciruli


Dan Ciruli is a product manager at Google who works on many things related to APIs and services. He used to code when he had time and used to play ultimate when he had knees. Give him a chance and he’ll try to speak Spanish to you.