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Istio in production: A few real-world use cases

Nilesh Patel (IBM )
12:00pm12:30pm Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Location: B113-114

Istio—a new open source project launched by IBM, Google, and Lyft—is designed to connect, manage, and secure microservices. Istio solves these complex requirements by moving the implementations out of the application and into the network of the service mesh itself. One of the questions that often gets asked is how customers are using Istio—what exactly are they doing with it, and what problems is it solving for them? Customers also want to understand whether they should use Istio in its entirety or in more of an incremental fashion, one component at a time.

Nilesh Patel shares real-world customer use cases for Istio in production, covering best practices, issues encountered during deployment, lessons learned, and suggestions for improvement. Nilesh also explains how Istio is helping these customers move fast, reduce cost, and better secure their microservices.

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Nilesh Patel


Nilesh Patel is a staff technical product manager for IBM Watson and Cloud Platform, where he works on Istio and IBM container services and is helping to drive Istio adoption in the open source community by organizing various meetups and events at conferences. Since joining IBM, he has managed several DevOps products in the area of deployment and releases automation. Previously, he managed security products at Symantec. Nilesh holds an MBA in information technology from Golden Gate University. He lives in Austin, Texas. When not at work, he likes to play cricket and volleyball.