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Meet Hedley, an AI, Linux, and smart sensor robotic skull

Rob Reilly (Rob "drtorq" Reilly)
4:15pm4:55pm Thursday, July 19, 2018
Artificial intelligence
Location: D137/138
Level: Beginner
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Who is this presentation for?

  • DIYers, Makers, hackers, nano-Linux enthusiasts, and developers interested in exploring hardware projects

Prerequisite knowledge

  • Basic knowledge of Arduino and Raspberry Pi ecosystems, the physical computing stack, and Linux

What you'll learn

  • See how current smart sensor modules, like the JeVois smart machine vision sensor, and multiple computing modules work in a real world application
  • Meet Hedley, a DIY robotic skull


Rob Reilly explains how he brought Hedley, his robotic skull, to life. Hedley’s cranium is packed with a JeVois smart machine vision sensor, an early Arduino board, and a three-color LED eyeball in the left eye socket, among other components. The Arduino takes directions from the JeVois sensor to control Hedley’s movements. The skull attaches to a steampunk-themed mechanism and has both a Raspberry Pi 3 and Arduino Pro-Mini in its base. The Pi provides a monitoring and development environment, while the Pro-Mini controls how Hedley rises out of his storage box.

By connecting to a projector and keyboard, Hedley can share how he interprets what he sees, through his on-board artificial intelligence algorithms. The JeVois sensor runs Linux on an four-core ARM processor, outputting augmented reality video and location data streams over USB and serial lines. In a live demo, you’ll watch Hedley’s analysis in real time, using the guvcview application via the JeVois-connected Pi 3.

Come meet Hedley and learn about the latest developments in open source sensors, AI algorithms, and Linux-based physical computing. You’ll leave inspired to start building your own smart sensor, AI, and multi-Linux module-powered projects.

Photo of Rob Reilly

Rob Reilly

Rob "drtorq" Reilly

Rob “Dr. Torq” Reilly is an independent consultant, writer, and speaker specializing in Linux, physical computing, hardware hacking, the tech media, and the DIY/Maker movement. He provides a variety of engineering and business services to individual clients and companies. As a veteran “how-to” guy, Dr. Torq has authored hundreds of feature-length articles for top-tier tech media and print outlets and presented tech talks at conferences and industry venues such as OSCON, FETC, Fossettcon and the Embedded Systems Conference. His Off-the-Shelf Hacker column runs weekly on thenewstack.io. Rob holds a BS in mechanical technology from Purdue University. He first used the Unix command line in 1981. Contact him at doc@drtorq.com or 407-718-3274.