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July 16–17, 2018: Training & Tutorials
July 18–19, 2018: Conference
Portland, OR

Kubernetes 101

Bridget Kromhout (Microsoft)
9:00am12:30pm Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Cloud strategies and implementation, Kubernetes
Location: Portland 251/252
Level: Beginner
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Who is this presentation for?

  • Site reliability engineers and anyone involved in DevOps or ops

Prerequisite knowledge

Experience using the Linux command line A basic understanding of containers (useful but not required) No k8s experience needed.

Materials or downloads needed in advance

A WiFi-enabled laptop or tablet with the ability to use ssh and a web browser. Nothing additional needs to be installed locally; attendees will be provided IPs and credentials for cloud instances to use. (They do not need to set up any cloud-provider credentials.)

Also, make sure you have an ssh client that you can paste text into (after copying it from a browser).

What you'll learn

  • Explore Kubernetes and learn how to use it


It is a truth universally acknowledged that a techie in possession of any production code whatsoever must be in want of a container orchestration platform. What’s up for debate, according to noted thought leader Jane Austen, is how many pizzas the team is going to eat. In this hands-on Kubernetes workshop, Bridget Kromhout walks you through launching clusters and details all the moving parts you need to know about to use Kubernetes in production. If you’re into dev or ops or some portmanteau thereof, this is relevant to your interests. We’ll use an Azure variant based on the open source k8s training at container.training—whatever public or private cloud you prefer, you’ll learn something valuable. Join us to level up on k8s (and pizza).

Photo of Bridget Kromhout

Bridget Kromhout


Bridget Kromhout is a principal cloud advocate at Microsoft. Her CS degree emphasis was in theory, but she now deals with the concrete (if the cloud can be considered tangible). After 15 years as an operations engineer, Bridget traded being on call for being on a plane. A frequent speaker and program committee member for tech conferences, she leads the Devopsdays organization globally and the DevOps community at home in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She podcasts with Arrested DevOps, blogs at Bridgetkromhout.com, and is active in a Twitterverse near you.

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Picture of Bridget Kromhout
07/17/2018 8:14am PDT

The slides are online here: https://oscon2018.container.training/

07/17/2018 6:41am PDT

Hi is there a link for downloading presentation slides? Thanks

Picture of Bridget Kromhout
07/09/2018 7:18am PDT

Since the tutorial is delivered on Azure instances pre-configured into a k8s cluster of your very own, there’s no need to pre-download anything. (We all know how conference wifi can be!) Just make sure you have an ssh client that you can paste text into (after copying it from a browser).

Robert Cruz | CTO
07/09/2018 5:42am PDT

Is there anything in particular we could/should grab for additional prep in case there are issues with the conference wifi?