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The official Jupyter Conference
Aug 21-22, 2018: Training
Aug 22-24, 2018: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY
Rob Newton

Rob Newton
Mathematics Instructor, Trinity School

Rob Newton is a mathematics instructor at the Trinity School, where each year he teaches a course on advanced topics that lie beyond a traditional high school curriculum. Recent courses have included algebraic number theory, combinatorics, linear algebra, group theory, and cryptography, each with a significant coding component. Rob grew up in a military family, moving from California to Texas to Germany to New York during his childhood. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from SUNY Potsdam and a PhD from the University of Florida, where his research analyzed a topological invariant that nobody can pronounce (and where he took advantage of the beautiful weather and beaches). Rob is an avid homebrewer and loves fruity herbal tea—experience he used as the adviser of the tea club at Trinity.


1:50pm–2:30pm Thursday, August 23, 2018
Training and education
Location: Beekman/Sutton North Level: Beginner
Rob Newton (Trinity School)
In an effort to broaden graduates' mathematical toolkit and address gender equity in STEM education, Rob Newton has led the implementation of Python projects across his school's entire ninth-grade math courses. Now every student in the ninth grade completes three python projects that introduce programming and integrate them with the ideas developed in class. Read more.