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August 22-23, 2017: Training
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New York, NY
Zach Sailer

Zach Sailer
PhD Student, University of Oregon

Zach Sailer is graduate student at the Harms Lab at the University of Oregon, where he studies the mechanisms that shape protein evolution from a biophysical perspective. Previously, he was a core developer for the IPython/Jupyter team at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Zach has created and contributed to various scientific open source projects and is also a strong advocate for open science, working hard to promote and practice open science in all aspects of his research.


2:40pm–3:20pm Thursday, August 24, 2017
Reproducible research and open science
Location: Murray Hill Level: Beginner
Zach Sailer (University of Oregon)
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Scientific research thrives on collaborations between computational and experimental groups, who work together to solve problems using their separate expertise. Zach Sailer highlights how tools like the Jupyter Notebook, JupyterHub, and ipywidgets can be used to make these collaborations smoother and more effective. Read more.