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The official Jupyter Conference
August 22-23, 2017: Training
August 23-25, 2017: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY
Pramit Choudhary

Pramit Choudhary
Lead Data Scientist ,

Website | @MaverickPramit

Pramit Choudhary is a Lead data scientist/ML scientist at, where he focuses on optimizing and applying classical machine learning and Bayesian design strategy to solve large scale real-world problems.
Currently, he is leading initiatives on figuring out better ways to generate a predictive model’s learned decision policies as meaningful insights(Supervised/Unsupervised problems)


11:05am–11:45am Friday, August 25, 2017
Sponsored, Usage and application
Location: Regent Parlor Level: Intermediate
Pramit Choudhary (
Pramit Choudhary offers an overview of's model interpretation library Skater, explains how to use it to evaluate models using the Jupyter environment, and shares how it could help analysts, data scientists, and statisticians better understand their model behavior—without compromising on the choice of algorithm. Read more.