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Jupyter and Anaconda: Shaking up the enterprise (sponsored by Anaconda Powered by Continuum Analytics)

Peter Wang (Anaconda)
9:15am–9:25am Thursday, August 24, 2017
Sponsored Keynote
Location: Grand Ballroom
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The growing success of Jupyter and its emerging impact on the areas of science, analytics, and data science are signs that the world is waking up to the critical importance of transparency, accountability, and reproducibility. Of course, all of these require open source software as well as a strong community to support it.

As a founder of Continuum Analytics and one of the creators of Anaconda and the PyData community, Peter Wang has had a front-row seat to the ongoing transformation within the fields of science, education, and business. Peter discusses the coevolution of Jupyter and Anaconda, two major players in the new open data science ecosystem, and shares next steps to a sustainable future.

This keynote is sponsored by Anaconda Powered by Continuum Analytics.

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Peter Wang


Peter Wang is the cofounder and CTO of Anaconda, where he leads the product engineering team for the Anaconda platform and open source projects including Bokeh and Blaze. Peter’s been developing commercial scientific computing and visualization software for over 15 years and has software design and development experience across a broad variety of areas, including 3-D graphics, geophysics, financial risk modeling, large data simulation and visualization, and medical imaging. As a creator of the PyData conference, he also devotes time and energy to growing the Python data community by advocating, teaching, and speaking about Python at conferences worldwide. Peter holds a BA in physics from Cornell University.