Building a Better Web
June 19–20, 2017: Training
June 20–22, 2017: Tutorials & Conference
San Jose, CA

Schedule: UI frameworks and libraries sessions

3:35pm–4:15pm Wednesday, June 21, 2017
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(3.50, 2 ratings)
Atomic design is well suited for migrating web applications. Because you build complexity out of simple components, you can start small and slowly carve out your application. Harrison Harnisch shares how Buffer is migrating six years of development with atomic design. Read more.
3:35pm–4:15pm Wednesday, June 21, 2017
Cross-Platform and Mobile
Location: 212 A/B
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(4.12, 8 ratings)
Connie Chang and Michael Rawlings offer an overview of eBay's innovative approach to adaptively rendering and delivering UI components, based on an intuitive file naming convention, for an optimal experience on all devices from a single codebase. This simple-to-use approach has been employed by many teams, is open source, and works with a variety of UI libraries and module bundlers. Read more.
9:00am–9:40am Thursday, June 22, 2017
Future JS & Functional
Location: 210 BF
Ben Lesh (Netflix)
Average rating: ****.
(4.78, 9 ratings)
Find yourself lost trying to choose the right operator to compose your observables? Struggle with how to structure your observable chains? Feel like you're almost there, but you're just missing something? Don't worry, we've all been there, even the "experts." Ben Lesh gets you started down the path to being an Rx expert, sharing common patterns you can use in RxJS with Angular 2 or any framework. Read more.