14–17 Oct 2019
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Brett A Phaneuf

Brett A Phaneuf
Founder and Chief Executive, Submergence Group (US) and MSubs (UK)

Brett Phaneuf is the founder and chief executive of Submergence Group (US) and MSubs (UK), and through his office in the United Kingdom, he overseas the design and production of manned and unmanned, underwater vehicle systems. A serial entrepreneur, Brett recently turned his attention to machine learning and artificial intelligence; a new company (Marine Ai) has been spun out from MSubs with the goal of creating cognitive AI to enhance maritime capabilities by drawing on decades of experience in manned and unmanned marine vehicle design, manufacture and operations, coupled with vast experience in automation and autonomous systems software architecture, and computer vision expertise. Brett is also one of three founding board members of Promare, a nonprofit (501( c )(3)) public charity founded in 2001 to promote marine exploration throughout the world. Through the confluence of these varied and interrelated fields of endeavor, Brett leads the development of the Mayflower Autonomous Ship, which will sail from Plymouth, UK, to Plymouth, US, in commemoration of the 400th anniversary for the original Mayflower sailing in September 1620. The Mayflower Autonomous Ship is a Promare project but will draw on the expertise resident in Submergence Group, MSubs, Marine Ai, Promare, and many other private and corporate sponsors. Previously, Brett studied physics before switching to archaeology, and then worked as a classical archaeologist on ancient sites in North Africa. His love of physics, technology, and history lead him to marine archaeology and the founding of Promare, through which numerous underwater archaeological research programs have been carried out in the past two decades.


13:4514:25 Wednesday, 16 October 2019
Location: Park Suite
Brett A Phaneuf (Submergence Group (US) and MSubs (UK))
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Brett Phaneuf outlines how similar types of AI can fit into your company solutions and how technologies like containers, deep learning, cloud, machine learning, and more all fit together to drive innovation for the "new world" of the future. Read more.
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