14–17 Oct 2019
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Gianmario Spacagna

Gianmario Spacagna
Chief Scientist, Head of AI, Helixa

Gianmario Spacagna is the chief scientist and head of AI at Helixa. His team’s mission is building the next generation of behavior algorithms and models of human decision making with careful attention to their potential and effects on society. His experience covers a diverse portfolio of machine learning algorithms and data products across different industries. Previously, he worked as a data scientist in IoT automotive (Pirelli Cyber Technology), retail and business banking (Barclays Analytics Centre of Excellence), threat intelligence (Cisco Talos), predictive marketing (AgilOne), plus some occasional freelancing. He’s a coauthor of the book Python Deep Learning, contributor to the “Professional Manifesto for Data Science,” and founder of the Data Science Milan community. Gianmario holds a master’s degree in telematics (Polytechnic of Turin) and software engineering of distributed systems (KTH of Stockholm). After having spent half of his career abroad, he now lives in Milan. His favorite hobbies include home cooking, hiking, and exploring the surrounding nature on his motorcycle.


16:0016:40 Wednesday, 16 October 2019
Location: Buckingham Room - Palace Suite
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AI-powered market research is performed by indirect approaches based on sparse and implicit consumer feedback (e.g., social network interactions, web browsing, or online purchases). These approaches are more scalable, authentic, and suitable for real-time consumer insights. Gianmario Spacagna proposes a novel algorithm of audience projection able to provide consumer insights over multiple domains. Read more.
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