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AI in production: The droids you’re looking for

Jonathan Ballon (Intel)
9:05–9:20 Wednesday, 10 October 2018
Location: King's Suite

Artificial intelligence in the future, at least represented in science fiction, can learn, interpret, and take action based on data analysis. AI in production is the present, a present that feels decidedly futuristic. AI is transforming the IoT at the edge: improving healthcare outcomes through more accurate diagnoses, automating factory assembly lines, reducing traffic congestion in smart cities, and much more.

Enhancing the IoT with AI will directly create new products and services; without AI, data from the deployments will have limited value. Jonathan Ballon explains why Intel’s leading portfolio of AI and computer vision edge technology will drive advances in machine learning, accelerate natural language processing, and create opportunities to monitor and inspect where humans can’t—improving how we work and live.

Photo of Jonathan Ballon

Jonathan Ballon


Jonathan Ballon is vice president of the Internet of Things Group at Intel, where he is responsible for a global team chartered with driving and accelerating innovation and growth in various market segments. His team is a pioneer in artificial intelligence and deep learning applications with computer vision capabilities, supported by software tools and a robust ecosystem. Jonathan also leads the IoT channel routes to market and is responsible for Intel’s China engineering teams and business. He is passionate about the application of technology toward the environment, human productivity, safety, education, health, and longevity.