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8-9 Oct 2018: Training
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London, UK

Notes from the frontier: Making AI work

Michael Chui (McKinsey Global Institute)
10:15–10:30 Thursday, 11 October 2018
AI in the Enterprise
Location: King's Suite
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Drawing on the McKinsey Global Institute’s groundbreaking research, Michael Chui explores commonly asked questions relating to AI and its impact on work, including: How big is the AI opportunity? Which sectors and functions can capture the most value? As AI takes hold, will there be enough jobs for humans? What will they be, and what skills are needed? What are the implications for leaders? Michael also previews new research showing that despite the rapid pace of AI adoption, much foundational work in enterprises remains to be done to capture value at scale.

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Michael Chui

McKinsey Global Institute

Michael Chui is a San Francisco-based partner in the McKinsey Global Institute, where he directs research on the impact of disruptive technologies, such as big data, social media, and the internet of things, on business and the economy. Previously, as a McKinsey consultant, Michael served clients in the high-tech, media, and telecom industries on multiple topics. He was the first chief information officer of the City of Bloomington, Indiana, and was the founder and executive director of HoosierNet, a regional internet service provider. Michael is a frequent speaker at major global conferences and his research has been cited in leading publications around the world. He holds a BS in symbolic systems from Stanford University, a PhD in computer science and cognitive science, and an MS in computer science, both from Indiana University.