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8-9 Oct 2018: Training
9-11 Oct 2018: Tutorials & Conference
London, UK

Executive Briefing: Why designing for trust matters

Max Gadney (After the flood), Sabih Ali (After the Flood)
11:55–12:35 Thursday, 11 October 2018
AI Business Summit
Location: Blenheim Room - Palace Suite
Secondary topics:  Ethics, Privacy, and Security, Interfaces and UX

What you'll learn

  • Learn strategies and principles to create tangible value from AI products
  • Understand how to use regulation, compliance, and fear of big tech to your and your customers’ benefits


Big tech companies need to hide their data. Artificial intelligence has brought the idea of data privacy and trust to the forefront of public thought, often through bad press. As more consumers are becoming aware of how valuable their data is and the extent to which it is shared and monetized by companies, they are demanding much more transparency from the platforms and products they use (one goal of the recent GDPR). This is fast becoming a key aspect in creating competitive products.

Max Gadney and Sabih Ali explore some of the ways designers and product teams are designing systems with transparency, trust, and privacy in mind.

Topics include:

  • Smart cities: A recent project with a major motoring company producing design principles for AI systems that deliver value to all levels of users, including C-level, as well as regulatory needs
  • Health: A one-to-one health app that uses AI to predict well-being needs
  • Designing for trust and transparency principles: A design approach for predicting many possible outcomes rather than absolute truth
Photo of Max Gadney

Max Gadney

After the flood

Max Gadney runs London-based consultancy After the flood, which develops new business units and propositions for Ford Smart Mobility, Google, and Nikkei using design to navigate the 21st century deluge of data. The company excels at creating value and clarity in complex B2B domains, with design as a differentiator, allowing clients to share and validate tangible strategy.

Photo of Sabih Ali

Sabih Ali

After the Flood

Sabih Ali directs strategy at After the Flood, a leading data design consultancy designing platforms and solutions for large corporations to take to market. Previously, Sabih was head of brand, lead web designer, and digital analytics manager at leading global software firm Symplectic. His passion has always been the intersection of business and technology, bringing together his background in science and engineering with a focus on user-centered design thinking. He holds a degree in electronic engineering from UCL and a master’s degree in nanotechnology enterprise from the University of Cambridge.