Sep 9–12, 2019
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Shourabh Rawat

Shourabh Rawat
Manager of Data Science, Zillow

Shourabh Rawat is a senior engineering manager of applied sciences at Zillow. He has over 5 years of industry experience working in AI, deep learning, computer vision, and personalization, deploying these systems to production at scale. Shourabh and his team focus on developing data science solutions to gain a better understanding of Zillow’s customers, specifically how they engage with content and property recommendations. Shourabh completed his master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University where he did research on event detection in consumer videos, applying deep learning on multimodal (audio and images) data.


4:00pm4:40pm Thursday, September 12, 2019
Location: 230 A
Shourabh Rawat (Zillow)
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Lately, 360-degree images have become ubiquitous in industries from real estate to travel. They enable an immersive experience that benefits consumers but creates a challenge for businesses to direct viewers to the most important parts of the scene. Shourabh Rawat walks you through how to identify and extract engaging static 2-D images using specific algorithms and deep learning methods. Read more.
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