Sep 9–12, 2019
Bin Wang

Bin Wang
Principal Software Engineering Manager, Microsoft


Bin Wang is a principal software engineering manager in the AI and Research Group of Microsoft, where he’s the tech manager of the multitenancy team and the go-to person across the entire platform team in this area. He’s initiated key efforts to improve the stability of YARN, which now is deployed to 30,000+ machines and supporting 30P+ cold data. He also leads efforts in supporting model training such as ChaNa and LR/MCLR on YARN, which has contributed to ads selection, PA, MM, AdInsight, relevance, etc. He leads the team to support Linux workloads on Windows by extending YARN to support on-demand VM lifecycle provisioning. The MT effort now extends to other key AIR scenarios, such as image processing, DR, Malta data processing, bot trainer, etc. Bin also leads the development of OSS DL training platform OpenPAI, which is specifically designed to be user friendly and extensible for various DL training frameworks and can run on on-premises as well as on cloud environments.


4:00pm4:40pm Thursday, September 12, 2019
Location: 230 B
Kai Liu (BING) (Microsoft), Yuqi Wang (Microsoft), Bin Wang (Microsoft)
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Bing in Microsoft runs large, complex workflows and services, but there was no existing solutions that met its needs. So it created and open-sourced FrameworkLauncher. Kai Liu, Yuqi Wang, and Bin Wang explore the solution, built to orchestrate workloads on YARN through the same interface without changes to the workloads, including large-scale long-running services, batch jobs, and streaming jobs. Read more.
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