Sep 9–12, 2019

The holy grail of data science: Rapid model development and deployment (sponsored by Zepl)

Moon soo Lee (Zepl | Apache Zeppelin), Louis Huard (Zepl)
2:35pm3:15pm Wednesday, September 11, 2019
Location: Santa Clara Room (Hilton)
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A key step in the data science workflow is rapid model development in order to create, test, and identify the best models to put into production. However, large gaps exist in this workflow, and the data science tool set is rapidly changing to fill those gaps. Large teams and enterprises are quickly moving from using individual siloed notebooks like Zeppelin and Jupyter to wanting to share and reuse models, code, and results. Challenges also exist in deploying models into production and model serving using tools like Kubeflow and TensorFlow. Moon Soo Lee and Louis Huard explore real-world examples of how companies are solving these problems, and how you can use these best practices in your own workflow.

What you'll learn

  • Learn how companies are solving the problem of the gaps in the data science workflow
Photo of Moon soo Lee

Moon soo Lee

Zepl | Apache Zeppelin

Moon Lee is the cofounder and chief technology officer of Zepl, the data science and analytics platform that supports the entire machine learning pipeline. He’s also the creator of Apache Zeppelin, with more than 500,000 downloads worldwide.

Photo of Louis Huard

Louis Huard


Louis Huard is the senior product manager at Zepl. He fell in love with product management designing an educational Lego robotics program for middle schoolers during his college days. Previously, Louis was a product manager for Cisco AppDynamics BiQ platform and the machine learning startup they acquired, Perspica.

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