Alok Deshpande

Alok Deshpande
Co-Founder and Chief Software Architect, Loopt

Website | @alokers

Alok heads up mobile product development at Loopt. Equal parts developer and product thinker, Alok’s responsibility is creating a fun to use product that is well engineered.

Prior to co-founding Loopt, Alok studied computer science at Stanford University. He worked in several design and development capacities with various startups and student organizations.


11:00am–11:30am Thursday, 12/03/2009
Location: Online Level:
Alok Deshpande (Loopt), Nick Brachet (Skyhook Wireless)
The iPhone includes several ways to determine your location: cellular tower triangulation, Wi-Fi-based positioning using Skyhook Wireless's system, and GPS. Alok Deshpande from Loopt, will discuss what they learned about building location-aware apps. Alok will be followed by Nick Brachet, who will give an overview of the Skyhook system and how it uses WiFi to provide location to applications. Read more.