Derek Smith

Derek Smith
Engineer, SimpleGeo


Derek Smith is a recent graduate from Loyola Marymount Univiersity. With early guidance from a few CS professors, he began his Senior year with the iPhone SDK. As a student developer he earned a WWDC Student Scholarship. After college, Derek began working as an iPhone Dev consultant which lead him to his current position at SimpleGeo. At SimpleGeo, Derek was given the opportunity to explore different implementations for providing an augmented reality environment for the iPhone.


10:30am–11:00am Thursday, 12/03/2009
Location: Online Level:
Derek Smith (SimpleGeo), Nicola Radacher (Mobilizy)
Having a compass and camera built into the iPhone opens up possibilities for augmented reality (AR) on the iPhone. P Derek Smith of SimpleGeo is a developer of their AR framework. He's going to step you through the challenges of providing a realtime overlay on the physical world. Nicola Radacher of Mobilizy will discuss what they've learned in the four releases of their popular Wikitude. Read more.