Martin Roth

Martin Roth
CTO, Reality Jockey, Ltd.


Martin Roth is the CTO of Reality Jockey, Ltd., directing the technical development of the only reactive music platform in the world. Martin holds a PhD from Cornell University in the areas of mobile wireless ad-hoc networks and emergent systems, having developed new biologically-inspired routing algorithms exhibiting the robust and distributed properties seen in social insect colonies. He has worked as post-doctoral researcher at Deutsche Telekom Laboratories studying mathematical models of emergent behaviour in computer networks, and lead a team dedicated to investigating the merits of delay tolerant human networks. Martin has most recently worked with Google in order to build advanced mobile web-applications.


11:30am–12:00pm Thursday, 12/03/2009
Location: Online Level:
Martin Roth (Reality Jockey, Ltd.)
The microphone is useful for more than just transmitting and recording audio; it's a sensor in its own right, and can be used to create applications that react to things around you. Martin Roth from RjDj will talk about how they used the microphone to connect the experience of listening to music with the world around the user. Read more.