Nick Brachet
Chief Technology Officer, Skyhook Wireless


With 15 years of experience in software engineering, Nick Brachet has broad expertise in designing robust, scalable, and adaptable software. As CTO, Mr. Brachet oversees the design and development of Skyhook’s Wi-Fi Positioning System. Prior to joining Skyhook Wireless, he was Chief Architect at Passkey International Inc., the world’s leading online group reservation system, where he was primarily responsible for the development of GroupLink — a system that enables the exchange of reservations between hotels and the Passkey system. The architecture of GroupLink defined a flexible core engine and pluggable modules that allowed rapid integration of disparate hotel reservation systems. Before Passkey, Mr. Brachet was Director of Engineering for edocs Inc., where he was responsible for the architecture, implementation, and release of all new products. Prior to edocs, Mr. Brachet was Lead Architect at Gradient Technologies Inc., and represented the company at the Object Management Group (OMG). Mr. Brachet received a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics in Grenoble, France.


11:00am–11:30am Thursday, 12/03/2009
Location: Online Level:
Alok Deshpande (Loopt), Nick Brachet (Skyhook Wireless)
The iPhone includes several ways to determine your location: cellular tower triangulation, Wi-Fi-based positioning using Skyhook Wireless's system, and GPS. Alok Deshpande from Loopt, will discuss what they learned about building location-aware apps. Alok will be followed by Nick Brachet, who will give an overview of the Skyhook system and how it uses WiFi to provide location to applications. Read more.