Working with Audio Input

Martin Roth (Reality Jockey, Ltd.)
11:30am–12:00pm Thursday, 12/03/2009
Location: Online Level:

Augmented reality is the new horizon to explore with modern mobile devices. While often overlooked for its flashy visual counterpart, augmented audio is the choice for passive interaction design. Reacting to environmental audio events, and enhancing them in the same medium, is an indirect way to engage the user for productivity or entertainment purposes. This presentation will review the use of the microphone on the iPhone, as well as the relevant toolkits and APIs. This includes how to obtain real-time microphone input, design patterns for making this audio stream available to sound libraries, how to make the enhanced audio available at the speakers or headphones, and also some pitfalls to watch out for. All of these topics will be reviewed in the context of RjDj, the reactive music player currently available in the Apple App Store. Music is generated in real-time in response to, and including, environmental audio. A demonstration of these concepts in action will be given during the Q&A session.

Photo of Martin Roth

Martin Roth

Reality Jockey, Ltd.

Martin Roth is the CTO of Reality Jockey, Ltd., directing the technical development of the only reactive music platform in the world. Martin holds a PhD from Cornell University in the areas of mobile wireless ad-hoc networks and emergent systems, having developed new biologically-inspired routing algorithms exhibiting the robust and distributed properties seen in social insect colonies. He has worked as post-doctoral researcher at Deutsche Telekom Laboratories studying mathematical models of emergent behaviour in computer networks, and lead a team dedicated to investigating the merits of delay tolerant human networks. Martin has most recently worked with Google in order to build advanced mobile web-applications.

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