New speakers are being confirmed daily. Please check back often to see the latest additions to the Where 2.0 program.

Sam Altman
Sam Altman (Loopt )

Sam Altman, 22, is the co-founder and CEO of Loopt, a Mountain View, Calif.-based startup that has built a revolutionary “social mapping” service to change the way people use mobile phones to keep in touch with their friends. Sam founded Loopt while he was still a student at Stanford University to find his friends on campus and to improve the way friends communicate. His primary responsibility within Loopt is driving the product vision, assembling a passionate team to realize that vision and making sure people have fun while they’re at it.

At Stanford University, Sam focused on computer security and machine learning. He also helped develop a patented system for navigation for one of the world’s first autonomous helicopter navigation systems, a task for... Read More.

Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson (3D Robotics)

Chris Anderson is Editor-in-Chief of Wired magazine, a position he took in 2001. Since then he has led the magazine to five National Magazine Award nominations, winning the prestigious top prize for General Excellence in 2005, a year in which he was also named Editor of the Year by Advertising Age magazine. He is the author of New York Times bestselling book The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More, which was published in 2006, and runs a blog on the subject at www.thelongtail.com.

Previously, he was at The Economist, where he served as U.S. Business Editor, Asia Business Editor (based in Hong Kong); and Technology Editor. He started The Economist’s Internet coverage in 1994 and directed its initial web... Read More.

Alberto Andres
Alberto Andres (Ipoki)

Alberto is cofounder and Business Developer of Ipoki.com. He used to work on Arthur Andersen and Bearing Point as technology consultant. He also works as software architectures analyst.
He lives in Madrid and he likes to snowboard.

W. James Au
W. James Au (The Making of Second Life)

I’m the author of The Making of Second Life (HarperCollins), online games editor at GigaOM.com, and write about Second Life on my own blog, New World Notes (nwn.blogs.com).

Jeremy Bartley
Jeremy Bartley is a product engineer for ESRI’s ArcGIS Server (JavaScript API, REST API, and map caching) and ArcGIS Online (hosted online geospatial content for maps and globes) product lines. He has over 10 years of GIS experience in the natural earth sciences. He has worked in the field of server-based GIS for the past seven years. Before coming to ESRI, Jeremy built Mapdex (http://www.mapdex.org), an online search engine for geospatial services.
Sharon Biggar
Sharon Biggar (Social Point)

Sharon is the Head of Analytics at Social Point, one of the world’s leading developers of games for mobile with a fan base of more than 50 million active monthly players across the world. As Head of Analytics Sharon’s role involves providing the necessary Big Data architecture required to process 1 billion events per day, creating predictive analytics to customize the player experience and building text analytics to ensure that Social Point listens to and responds to the ideas of its players.
Prior to joining Social Point Sharon was co-founder and CEO at Path Intelligence. Path Intelligence is a retail analytics firm that uses proprietary mobile location technology to understand and predict the way that shoppers behave inside shopping malls. The firm... Read More.

Nick Black
Nick Black (CloudMade)

Nick is a long-time OpenStreetMap member and co-Founder on CloudMade, an innovative startup who provide services around OpenStreetMap – the community who are building a free map of the world.

Nick Black (Cloud Made)

Nick Black is a GIS Expert, Archaeologist and now founder of Cloud Made – a firm specialising in providing products and services around open data.

Wendy Brawer (Green Map System)

Wendy E. Brawer is a New York-based designer, public educator and director. She is best known as creator of NYC’s Green Apple Map and as founder and director of the award-winning Green Map System, which has energized communities in over 50 countries to chart a sustainable future. In addition to producing maps and related websites (GreenMap.org, GreenAppleMap.org), books, exhibits and presentations, Wendy has taught, spoken and written on eco-design internationally since 1990. Her diverse consulting and production projects for Times Square, Liberty Science Center, and others have promoted renewable energy and highlighted waste reduction. She was Designer in Residence at Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in 1997 and a 2005 Terre de Femme/Woman of Earth. Wendy chaired the national eco-committee for the Industrial Designers Society... Read More.

Justin Bronn (Django Software Foundation)

Justin Bronn is a computer scientist and third-year law student at the University of Houston who enjoys studying legal topics related to intellectual property and spatial law. Prior to creating GeoDjango, Justin worked as a patent engineer for an intellectual property boutique in Houston and developed scientific data analysis applications for the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio.

In his spare time, Justin enjoys programming in Python and monitoring the crime rate in Houston via his Houston Crime Maps mash-up.

Justin received a B.S. with honors in Computer Science from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

Denis Browne (SAP Labs, LLC)

With over fifteen years of experience in the enterprise software market, Denis Browne joined SAP in 2006 to establish the Imagineering team within the Emerging Solutions product group. His team explores and develops emerging technologies and business models which provide SAP customers with new solutions to improve their performance in the global marketplace. With innovative concepts and tools like Enterprise 2.0 and widgets, Denis’ team points to the future of SAP solutions and the enterprise software market. Currently, Denis also consults with early-stage startup companies in the bay area, providing professional research and guidance.

Before joining SAP, Denis spent eight years working with numerous startups as a founder, chief technology officer, and product manager. For example, he led product strategy for... Read More.

Shoaib Burq
Shoaib Burq (Nomad Labs Pty Ltd)

Shoaib has been working in the Geomatics industry for over 3 years. His professional interests include bringing location based decision support to the end consumer and improving the access to GeoData. He like’s developing in Rails and has been particularly active in promoting the development of mapping applications in Rails. He lives and works in Canberra, Australia where he’s involved with a number of Government Geospatial projects.

Chris Butler (Dash Navigation)

Chris Butler recently joined the Dash Navigation team as the company’s content platform evangelist. His responsibilities include the oversight of Dash’s open platform initiative and encouraging the creation of new location-based services both inside and outside of Dash. Previously, he worked for Microsoft at the company’s Silicon Valley Campus for over seven and a half years. During his tenure he worked on projects including Calendar, Hotmail, Toolbar, Desktop Search, the Sidebar gadget platform and finally Windows Live Gallery, the one-stop-shop that lets consumers personalize their Windows and Windows Live experiences.

Dan Catt
Dan Catt (The Great Outdoors), @revdancatt

Dan Catt, Senior Engineer for Flickr, has been interested in maps since the mid nineties, when he worked on a number of Kiosks and CD-ROMS for the National Parks of England and Wales. Mapping was put on the back burner for being too expensive in the UK, until Google launched their UK maps data early in 2005. Geobloggers.com was created with the aim of letting people share walks and experiences by placing Flickr photos onto the map using geotagging. Daniel created the first geotagged photo in March of 2005, by the end of the year there were over 100,000 geotagged images. He has worked with both pre and post official API Google Maps, Virtual Earth and pre beta Yahoo Maps, and can generally... Read More.

Robert Cheetham
Robert Cheetham (Azavea Inc.)

Robert Cheetham is founder and president of Avencia Incorporated.

Tom Churchill
Tom Churchill (Earthscape)

Tom Churchill is the Founder and CEO of Earthscape. He has over 20 years of high technology experience, with much of that in the Internet and mapping space. He was previously the founder and CEO of AdKnowledge, a Kleiner-Perkins backed enterprise ad serving company, as well as the lead engineer/manager of Yahoo! Auctions.

Ben Clayton
Ben Clayton (HP Labs Europe)

Ben Clayton works is a researcher for Hewlett-Packard Labs Europe which is based in Bristol, UK. He is part of a group which is looking into a form of location-based services which they call Mediascapes – a digital experience that overlays a virtual world over the physical landscape. Ben’s particular research focus has been to see how the process of authoring mediascape experiences can be simplified so that people from non-technical backgrounds can partake in this exciting new medium. Ben has been involved in a number of public research trials using mediascape technology for tour guides, gaming, entertainment & education.

Steve Coast
Steve Coast (OpenStreetMap)

Steve Coast is founder of OpenStreetMap and Cloud Made and has worked for many years on diverse heavy-lifting computing applications around open systems. Steve interned at Wolfram Research before studying computer science and then physics at UCL. He left early to pursue research and development work at universities and leading web companies prior to founding ZXV – a geo web consultancy in 2006.

Tom Coates
Tom Coates (Thington Inc.), @tomcoates

Tom Coates works for Yahoo! Brickhouse where he develops new concepts in social software, future media and the web of data. His most recent project is Fire Eagle – a new location-brokerage system designed to make it possible for everything on the network to become location-aware.

He’s worked for many of the UK’s most prominent companies including Time Out, UpMyStreet and the BBC where he ran a small near-term R&D team exploring media navigation, annotation and distribution.

A regular speaker at conferences, Tom also writes extensively at plasticbag.org and runs the experimental online community barbelith.com.

Justin Deoliveira (Justin Deoliveira Consulting)

Justin joined The Open Planning Project in 2005. As a Geotools module maintainer and uDig commiter Justin has been active in the open source geospatial community for some time. Since joining TOPP Justin has become an active developer on the GeoServer project. He graduated in 2005 from The University of Victoria with a BSC in Computer Science.

Walt Doyle (uLocate)

Walt’s passion for emerging technology has kept him on the leading edge of consumer media and technology for over 15 years. Prior to joining uLocate in 2005, Walt was a GM of MapQuest (TWX). His career began in Hong Kong with Dow Jones (DJ), then spanned executive level appointments with GameSpot (CNET), Net2Phone (IDT), and DialPad (YHOO). Walt’s ability to identify emerging technology trends, create corporate strategy, and build winning teams puts him squarely at the helm of uLocate. Walt left San Francisco for his native home of Boston in 2005 where he and his family are outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy fishing, biking, hockey, and travel. He is a graduate of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jeremy Dunck (Pegasus News)

Jeremy Dunck is CTO of Pegasus News, a personalized local news and data service based in Dallas, Texas. He received his B.S. in Software Engineering from University of Texas at Dallas. He reads much too slowly and plays guitar terribly.

Doug Eberhard
Doug Eberhard (Autodesk)

For 20+ years, Doug Eberhard has created and implemented innovative visual IT solutions on over $120 Billion of Capital Planning, Design, Engineering, and Construction projects around the world. Doug did most of this work while at Parsons Brinkerhoff (PB), where he managed over 300 different projects and oversaw several technology groups and initiatives. Serving as PB’s Chief Technology Officer until he joined Autodesk in 2007, Doug helped pioneer numerous unique and award-winning solutions to visually and virtually communicate and manage proposed projects using advanced Computer Modeling and Simulation, Geospatial Visualization, Web-based Project Management Systems, and Digital Collaboration Technologies.

Doug’s more notable projects include implementation of 3D/4D Modeling for the $12B NYC World Trade Center Rebuilding Program, both Public and Private Information Websites for the... Read More.

Anthony  Fassero
Anthony Fassero (earthmine, inc)

Anthony Fassero is co-founder and co-CEO of earthmine inc, a Berkeley based company that is “indexing reality”, creating a complete inventory of our urban environment that will support the next generation of web based spatial applications. Prior to earthmine, Anthony joined the Kacyra Family foundation working on CyArk, a comprehensive web accessible archive of 3D data from archaeological and heritage sites. Entrepreneurial by nature, Anthony has done work in web development, asset and site management, and professional photography. He graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in Architecture.

Diego Fernández Domínguez

Diego Fernandez is cofounder of ipoki.com, a GPS-based social network. He used to work on Indra, a spanish consultant company, working for e-health projects. Prior to joining Ipoki project, Diego was working in Denodo Technologies where he was involved in many internet projects.
He lives in A Coruña (Spain) and he likes skiing, play the piano and travel around the world.

Michael Ferrari
Michael Ferrari (Computer Sciences Corporation), @aeroculus

Michael Ferrari directs the Weather Trends research and product development efforts in the global commodities sector. He has several years of research experience which span the theoretical and applied domains of the geophysical and biophysical sciences. Before joining WTI, Michael was a commodity research scientist and trader where he was primarily involved with global climate forecasting, remote sensing analysis and algorithm development, applied technology research, and commodity analysis/modeling. All of these areas come together to support trading platforms in the agriculture and energy arenas. Prior to his commodities work, he was as an engineer for Bayer, Kimberly-Clark, and Black & Veatch.
Michael is currently completing his PhD from Rutgers (post qualifying exam) where his research focuses on physical hydroclimatology and environmental evolution. He... Read More.

George Filley (NAVTEQ)

George Filley is the Vice President and General Manager for Internet and Wireless – Americas for NAVTEQ with responsibility for managing and growing the internet and wireless business in both North and South America. Prior to his current role George had responsibility for the North America Consumer Business Unit developing new market opportunities and managing relationships with corporations the like of Microsoft, AOL, Garmin, Yahoo!, Google, Sony, Rand McNally, AAA and more, and most recently had been Vice President of Product Management where his role included defining the future products and services necessary to continue NAVTEQ’s leadership position in the global mapping market.

Filley joined the company in October 2000 after fifteen years with Motorola. As Director of Core Technology Partnerships at... Read More.

Brady Forrest
Brady Forrest (O'Reilly Media, Inc.), @brady
Brady Forrest is Program Chair for O’Reilly’s Where and co-chair for Android Open . Additionally, he co-chaired the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco and NYC. Brady writes for O’Reilly Radar tracking changes in technology. He previously worked at Microsoft on Live Search (he came to Microsoft when it acquired MongoMusic). Brady lives in Seattle, where he builds cars for Burning Man and runs Ignite. You can track his web travels at Truffle Honey.
Patrick Goddi (Hewlett-Packard)

Patrick Goddi is a Senior Researcher at HP Labs in Palo Alto, CA. He is currently co-opting “non-game” environments for game play and developing pervasive game technologies.

Patrick has been developing next generation mobile services platforms at HP labs since 2000, most recently working on platforms for location-based media and pervasive games as part of the mscape team. His current focus is developing network services and network game mechanics for pervasive multiplayer games that utilize a variety of sensors and player contexts.

In past projects Patrick has worked on experimental gaming interaction models and interfaces including HP’s experimental multitouch gaming table: the HP Misto Table.

Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez (PlanetEye Inc.)

Over the past decade, Juan has been focused on building online applications for some of the most recognized brands, helping them deliver outstanding user experiences. His passion for global cultures inspired him to write an award-winning blog (Global Culture), which has sparked many of the ideas currently under development at PlanetEye, an incumbent in the travel planning space.

As PlanetEye’s VP of Technology, Juan is leading the development of an online travel guide that brings together geotagged media, rich visualizations and mass participation to change the way people plan their travel.

Sean Gorman
Sean Gorman (FortiusOne), @seangorman

Sean P. Gorman, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Founder and Member of the FortiusOne Board of Directors

Sean Gorman founded FortiusOne in 2005 to bring advanced geospatial technologies to market. Dr. Gorman is a recognized expert in geospatial analysis and visualization. He has been featured around the world in media such as, Wired, Der Spiegel, ABC, Washington Post, Business 2.0 and CNN, and his expertise is sought after by organizations such as, the Critical Infrastructure Task Force and the Homeland Security Advisory Council.

Dr. Gorman brings over 10 years of experience at the forefront of the geospatial revolution as a researcher, practitioner, and entrepreneur to FortiusOne. Prior to FortiusOne, Dr. Gorman served as VP of R&D for GeoTel, a telecommunications mapping company, and Director... Read More.

Brian Hamlin (Light42)

Bio:In nearly 20 years of professional programming, Brian has been fascinated with print and publishing. From the early days of PostScript on the Apple LaserWriter and Linotype, to Macintosh applications and PDF, to Unicode, and now to Wordpress and Mapping Mashups, Brian has found more than a few interesting corners to explore. — Brian has a feeling that there is Industrial Ecology work that needs to get done sooner rather than, ever

Steven Hammond
Steven Hammond (PatientsLikeMe), @shammond42

Steven Hammond is a software engineer and Ruby developer at PatientsLikeMe. PatientsLikeMe is leading the way in changing both patient care and medical research. Check it out.

As part of his work at PatientsLikeMe, Steve has contributed some code back to the Rails community. Many people are using Steve’s mysql_bigint plugin to enable large integers in MySQL tables in Rails. Steve has also posted a mock object for testing OpenID in Rails.

Prior to PatientsLikeMe, Steve was a PMI Certified Project Manager in a Fortune 500 insurance company.

Steve is also very active in his local community. He is a Solar System Ambassador for the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. In this role, he volunteers his time to go to local schools, and libraries... Read More.

John Hanke
John Hanke (Niantic, Inc.)

John Hanke is founder and CEO of Niantic, Inc., an innovative company dedicated to building “real world” mobile gaming experiences that foster exploration, exercise, and social interaction. Niantic has developed and released two games, Ingress and global phenomenon Pokémon GO. The company was originally founded as a startup within Google to explore the creation of new kinds of entertainment at the intersection of location, social, and emerging mobile devices. Niantic was spun out as an independent company in 2015 with backing from investors such as Google, Nintendo, and the Pokémon Company. Previously, John was a founder of Archetype Interactive, creators of one of the very first online massively multiplayer games, Meridian59, and a cofounder of Keyhole, a company acquired by Google for the technology... Read More.

Erik Hersman
Erik Hersman (Ushahidi)

Erik grew up as the son of linguistic missionaries in Africa, bouncing back and forth between Sudan and Kenya until he came to the US for college. He now works as an independent web consultant and writes about high- and low-tech changes happening in Africa on his two blogs: AfriGadget.com and WhiteAfrican.com.

Past projects dealing with mapping include eppraisal.com and Ushahidi.com.

Chris Holmes
Chris Holmes (OpenGeo)

Chris Holmes is Managing Director, Strategic Development of The Open Planning Project (TOPP). Chris has served as lead developer of GeoServer, and currently chairs the Project Steering Committee, and he is also on the Project Management Committee of GeoTools, the leading Java GIS toolkit. Chris is additionally a board member of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation, of which GeoTools is a founding project.

Zachary Holmquist (TurfTag)

Zach has been developing on the Internet for the last 9 years. Having lived in the Philippines for 2 years, he sees the benefit of a world of ubiquitous Internet with location and information aware objects. Zach is currently studying Computer Science at the University of Utah.

Adrian Holovaty
Adrian Holovaty (EveryBlock)

Adrian Holovaty is a Web developer and journalist in Chicago who has made a number of diverse contributions to the Web. He created chicagocrime.org, one of the original (pre-API) Google Maps mashups; co-created the Django Web framework, used by countless people around the world; and created a Firefox extension that was the direct inspiration for Greasemonkey. His latest project is EveryBlock.

Jef Holove
Jef Holove (Eye-Fi, Inc.)

Jef Holove: President and CEO

Jef Holove is Eye-Fi’s president and chief executive officer. He joined Eye-Fi in September 2007 with more than 15 years of consumer technology marketing and business management experience.

Before joining Eye-Fi, Holove was vice president and general manager at Logitech, Inc. where he most recently led the high-growth audio and interactive entertainment business units. In this role, he managed business strategy, marketing and engineering for multiple product portfolios. He also developed new categories and bolstered market positions for the company in the fast-moving digital music, PC audio, and gaming markets.

Prior to working with the audio and entertainment business units, Holove served as director of marketing for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, based in Switzerland, and directed... Read More.

Ian Holt (Ordnance Survey), @IanHolt

Senior Technical Product Manager

Scott Hotes
Scott Hotes (WaveMarket, Inc.)

Dr. Scott A. Hotes is the CTO and VP Engineering of WaveMarket, Inc., a leader in mobile location-based search/services. Before joining WaveMarket, Dr. Hotes was at the US Department of Defense. Dr. Hotes has published in a range of disciplines from discrete mathematics and particle theory to analytical chemistry and geo-physics. Dr. Hotes holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from UC Berkeley.

Jeremy Irish
Jeremy Irish (Groundspeak)

Jeremy is the President and CEO of Groundspeak and founded Geocaching.com in September 2000 as the first official web site for the geocaching hobby. Jeremy spent four years as a Cryptologic Linguist before graduating from the University of Maryland. He has over 11 years experience in web-based application development including three years as a Webmaster at General Electric. Jeremy manages the Groundspeak development team and is responsible for the majority of Groundspeak’s platform development.

Eduardo Jezierski
Eduardo Jezierski (InSTEDD)

Eduardo is the CTO of InSTEDD – working to create a world where
communities everywhere design and use technology to continuously
improve their health, safety and development. InSTEDD does it with
agile design in the field, local Innovation Labs, and an open-source
platform of mobile and cloud technologies that have improved lives
around the world, from Haiti to villages in South East Asia.

Jeffrey Johnson
Jeffrey Johnson (Open Solutions Group), @ortelius

Jeffrey Johnson is a web developer with a passion for geospatial applications.

Yoh Kawano
Yoh Kawano (UCLA Academic Technology Services)

Yoh Kawano is UCLA’s Campus GIS Coordinator, where he supports collaborative environments between interdisciplinary groups, serving as a catalyst to promote and advance spatial research interests. He also oversees a community of campus GIS users by conducting GIS workshops and managing a campus GIS knowledge base website.

Previously, Yoh Kawano worked as the Director of Information Technology for the UCLA Center for Neighborhood Knowledge, where he oversaw strategic technology applications towards neighborhood empowerment, disaster and emergency management and academic research. His duties included the conceptualization, design and development of innovative information technology tools for web-based applications, Management Information Systems and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for community development-related projects. Yoh has represented CNK around the country and internationally. He... Read More.

Dev Khare
Dev Khare (Venrock)

Dev Khare is Vice President at Venrock, a premier venture capital firm with offices in Palo Alto, New York, Cambridge, MA, and Israel. Dev focuses on software, Internet and mobile investments. He sits on the board at Lavante, SlideShare and TurnHere; and observes on the boards of Redbeacon and BillFloat. Dev previously co-founded Covigo, a mobile application server company, acquired by Symbol Technologies. He blogs at NextWala.com and is on Twitter @dkhare. Dev holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS Computer Science and BS Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

Jennifer Kilian
Jennifer Kilian (frog design inc.)

Jennifer Kilian, Creative Director, frog design, inc.

As Creative Director at frog design, Jennifer Kilian is responsible for leading convergent teams and playing an integral part in fostering collaboration between the strategy, product and digital design disciplines on client projects. With expertise in research, strategy, design and information architecture, Jennifer creates innovative products, environments and digital offerings for frog clients such as Disney, HP, Hitachi, Logitech, Maxtor, Samsung and TurboChef Technologies to name a few.

She has a broad range of experience with design and digital media in both consulting and corporate settings. Prior to joining frog, Jennifer lead creative teams at Apple and IBM. In her consulting roles, Jennifer has designed innovative products for clients such as Disney, HP and NBC and... Read More.

Robert Kirkpatrick
Robert Kirkpatrick (InSTEDD)

Robert Kirkpatrick is an expert in the design and use of technology to facilitate cross-organizational collaboration in austere field environments, developing countries, and sudden-onset emergencies. He has spent more than 10 years in collaboration technology, supporting the use of ICT for health data collection, disaster relief, NGO field security, telemedicine, conflict mediation, and civil-military cooperation. Robert’s work with technology industry partners, government agencies, and international humanitarian organizations has explored ways that system design may impact trust- building and information sharing behavior across cultural, organizational, and linguistic boundaries. Robert co-founded and led solutions development for two pioneering humanitarian technology teams, first at Groove Networks, and later at Microsoft where he served as Lead Architect for Microsoft Humanitarian Systems (MHS).

While at Microsoft, he... Read More.

Josh Knauer
Josh Knauer (Rhiza Labs)

Josh Knauer, CEO of Rhiza Labs, has been a social entrepreneur for the past 20 years, creating and leading successful organizations in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors. His ability to spot emerging trends in technology and how they can be used for the betterment of society and the environment have caused him to be considered a leading expert in the field. He’s been featured in Time, Fortune, Newsweek and Wired magazines, and was even named a New Media Hero by the Utne Reader.

Prior to heading up MAYA Design’s Information Commons research effort, Josh founded and was the Executive Director of the EnviroLink Network, the Internet’s largest and most complete environmental information resource, in 1991. He went on to become the Founder... Read More.

Ngwin Le Khoi
Ngwin Le Khoi (Focation.com)

Ivan is the founder of SilkCoast (www.silkcoast.com), a software company specialized in GIS and SCM products for US and Vietnam markets, at the same time he is also the CTO of 16 Mile Solutions (www.16milesolutions.com). Among SilkCoast’s products is Focation (www.focation.com) which is a search and geotagging engine for geospatial contents. Prior to his career at SilkCoast, he worked at BlueKey Services (www.bluekeyservices.com) as a software project manager.

Ivan also served as a board member of International Medical Initiatives Corporation (www.imi-corp.net), which provides informatics technology in health care. Prior to that he worked at DIcentral (www.dicentral.com) as a lead software engineer.

Ivan got his Master’s Degree in Management of Information System from University of Houston Clear Lake in 2003.

Ronald Lenz
Ronald Lenz (Waag Society)

Ronald Lenz heads the Locative Media research program at Waag Society , a medialab in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and is also creative director at 7Scenes, a company that develops location-aware software for the cultural, educational and events sector.

Liang Liu
Liang Liu (Tongji University)

Phd student in Tongji University who works on Shenzhen Traffic
Simulation system.

Steve  Lombardi
Steve Lombardi (Microsoft Corporation)

Steve has been doing maps for a long while and has somehow managed to fashion a career of working in this most enjoyable space. Currently a Program Manager at Microsoft working on Virtual Earth, previous gigs included PB MapInfo and a couple of location based startups. After taking MapPoint 2006, MapPoint Web Service and the Microsoft Location server on the road as Technical Evangelist, Steve began focusing on product development of Virtual Earth where his evil overlord manager has kept him locked away for the past 3 years. Steve is looking forward to escaping for a few days and returning to the Where 2.0 conference to reconnect with friends and colleagues from past events.

Jonathan Lowe
Jonathan Lowe (Giswebsite LLP)

Jonathan W. Lowe has worked in the geospatial industry since 1994, wearing development, architecture, marketing, sales and journalism hats for Informix, IBM, Geospatial Solutions and his own current company, Giswebsite LLP, which specializes in adding semantic spatio-temporal functionality to existing IT infrastructures.

Kurt MacDonald

Kurt MacDonald is an independent experience/game designer as well as an occasional entrepreneur in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is trying to distill the secrets of creating fun, physical games that motivate people into moving outside and exploring new ways to play out there.

Over the past two years, he has worked closely with HP’s mscape project as an interactive design consultant and helped launch the nascent mscapers community this year. He was the lead designer for an interactive GPS tour about Yosemite built with mscape as part of a pilot program to test the format with visitors to the valley. Before all of that, Kurt was inspired to work on mobile media while earning an MFA at USC where he... Read More.

Mano Marks
Mano Marks (Google, Inc. )

Mano joined Google’s Geo API team in 2006. He helps people all over
the world develop and deploy their content in KML and Google Maps,
working with large companies, small startups, and international aid
organizations. Before coming to Google, Mano had an eclectic career
that involved getting a Masters in History, a Masters in Information
Management and Systems, and working as a data manager in social service and public benefit organizations for over a decade.

Mikel Maron
Mikel Maron (OpenStreetMap), @mikel

Mikel is co-Founder of Mapufacture (now part of GeoCommons), and specializes in Open Geospatial
and Wiki technologies. He’s been active in the standardization of
GeoRSS and in the OpenStreetMap collaborative mapping project, and
several open source projects. He’s developed two of the first Wikis in
use at the UN. Previously, Mikel worked as senior developer of My
Yahoo! and researched evolutionary models of ecosystems for an MSc at
the University of Sussex.

Patrick McDevitt (Tele Atlas)

McDevitt is vice president of global engineering for Tele Atlas, responsible for deploying innovative technologies that improve quality and reduce new content time-to-market. He oversees the development teams based in Belgium, Germany Poland, and the United States to help launch the technologies that support the range of markets the company serves, including the evolving location based services (LBS) marketplace covering navigation, internet and wireless navigation applications, as well as the enterprise and automotive sectors.

Previously, McDeviit served as vice president of database operations and director of engineering with Geographic Data Technology (GDT), which was acquired by Tele Atlas in 2004. Prior to joining the company, McDevitt spent 10 years working in the GIS industry mapping environmental hazards for commercial real estate lenders.... Read More.

Mok Oh
Mok Oh (Where Inc.), @mok_oh

Mok Oh has over 15 years of experience in computer science and computer graphics R&D. He is the founder of Mok3 Inc./EveryScape.com in 2002, and is the inventor of the technology based on his doctoral dissertation work from the Computer Graphics Group at MIT. In EveryScape, he is responsible for product and technology development, functioning as software architect and leading intellectual property development. He holds multiple patents and publications in image-based modeling, image and photo editing, and 3D-related technologies. His research and development further spans into 3D modeling, ray tracing and light-transport algorithms, interactive tools, and image processing. He was an invited speaker at multiple venues, such as MIT Lecture Series, Harvard School of Architecture, and internationally in various universities in South Korea... Read More.

Toby Oliver (Typeform)

Before joining Typeform, Toby was CTO at Path Intelligence and invented a world first technology based on software defined radio, wrote a global data capture system that processed 560Tb of data a day, and built and led the agile technology teams there.

Toby began his career at Thomson Thorn Missile Electronics as a software engineer before moving on to IBM Research labs. At JP Morgan, he worked on a groundbreaking straight-through processing system which eventually spun into a separate company.
Toby has a BEng(Hons) from the Special Engineering Programme, he is a Chartered Engineer and a member of the IET.

Lisa Parks
Lisa Parks (University of California-Santa Barbara)

Lisa Parks, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies and is a Research Associate of the Center for Information Technology and Society at UC Santa Barbara. She is the author of Cultures in Orbit: Satellites and the Televisual (Duke University Press 2005) and Mixed Signals: Media Infrastructures and Cultural Geographies (forthcoming) and is co-editing Down to Earth: Satellite Technologies, Industries and Cultures with James Schwoch. Other recent publications focus upon satellite media and world conflict, the visualization of infrastructures, and e-waste. Parks was a research fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study in Berlin in 2006/2007 and in recent years has given invited lectures in Germany, Bosnia, Hungary, Spain, Denmark, Slovenia, Mongolia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, England, and the US.

Johan Peeters (Geotate)

Johan joined Geotate after four years of incubating the Geotate business development at NXP Software from his base in Silicon Valley. Prior to that, Johan held the position of Director of Sales, the Americas for the Business Unit Digital Transmissions Systems of the Philips division Digital Networks, which followed his earlier position as General Manager Marketing and Sales of that business in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Before 1997 Johan held various General Management positions with Philips Kommunikations Industries and Philips Business Communications in Belgium where his claim to fame is that he made the very first GSM phone call in Belgium after project managing the first installations of the GSM network infrastructure in Belgium.

Chris Pendleton
Chris Pendleton (Microsoft Corporation), @chrispendleton

Chris Pendleton is the Virtual Earth Technical Evangelist for Microsoft Corporation. Mr. Pendleton has been with Microsoft for 5+ years and has been in the location-based services and GIS industry for 8+ years. Mr. Pendleton is known for his speaking appearances ranging from business planning to technical deep dives about Virtual Earth and mapping in general. Mr. Pendleton has a long history of application development, architecture, consulting and deployment of large scale web-based applications, especially those using mapping. Mr. Pendleton also writes the Virtual Earth Blog on MSDN. Mr. Pendleton holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management from San Diego State University.

Travis Pinney (GeoDjango)

Travis Pinney has over 10 years of programming experience, including 6 years with Python. Travis provides technological consulting services to his clients in the medical, geospatial, and legal fields.

Travis received a B.S. in Computer Science from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

Carlo Ratti (SENSEable City Laboratory, MIT)
David Riallant (Pict'Earth)

David Riallant is an aerial image processing professional who is passionate about the enabling possibilities of neogeographical methods in this space.

John Ristevski (earthmine inc)

John Ristevski is co-founder and co-CEO of earthmine inc, a Berkeley based company that is “indexing reality”, creating a complete inventory of our urban environment that will support the next generation of web based spatial applications. Prior to earthmine John was Director of R&D at CyArk, where he led the development of the CyArk web portal. John has degrees from the University of California at Berkeley, where his PhD research focused on the application of laser scanning for heritage management, and from the University of Melbourne in Geomatic Engineering and Law and he continues to lecture at Stanford University in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department.

Jesse Robbins

Jesse Robbins is Founder & CEO of Orion Labs , the award-winning instant communication platform for people, teams, IoT devices, wearables, bots, and intelligent agents.

Robbins serves on the board of Heavybit, which is a program helps venture-backed startups loved by developers become successful businesses.

Prior to Orion, Robbins was founding CEO of Chef", considered by many to be the leader in infrastructure automations. Robbins also founded the O’Reilly Velocity Conference where he helped start the DevOps movement. Prior to Chef he served as Amazon’s “Master of Disaster” where he was responsible for website availability for every property bearing the Amazon brand.

Robbins is a Volunteer Firefighter and Emergency Manager, and led a task force deployed in Operation... Read More.

Eric Rodenbeck
Eric Rodenbeck (Stamen Design)

Eric Rodenbeck is Stamen’s founder and creative director. He is a 10-year veteran of the interactive design field, and has spent this time working to extend the boundaries of online media and live information visualization.

Eric led the interactive storytelling and data-driven narrative effort at Quokka Sports, illustrated and designed at Wired and Wired Books, and was a co-founder of the design collective Umwow. He has lectured and spoken at Yale University, the University of Southern California, numerous O’Reilly technology conferences, Esther Dyson’s PC Forum, and South by Southwest, among others. Eric studied architecture at Cooper Union in New York City and received a B.A. in the History and Philosophy of Technology from The New School for Social Research.

Lior Ron
Lior Ron (Google, Inc. )

Lior is the Product Manager for geo search in Google, where he is trying to help the world around us get mapped using the power of the masses. Before joining Google, Lior co-founded a medical device and a search startup, and served in various managerial positions in the Israeli Intelligence, where he worked on GIS and search problems. Lior holds an MBA from Stanford and BSc and MS from the Technion – the Israeli institute for technology.

Greg Sadetsky (Poly9 Group Inc.)

Greg Sadetsky is the CEO and co-founder of Poly9 Group Inc., an open source research & development lab located in Quebec City, Canada. Poly9 makes a map that tracks Santa for NORAD, helps commuters avoid traffic, and real-estate agents aware that a well executed online mapping strategy will help their business. The company is also involved in bridging VoIP and regular telephony with Google Talk, and building APIs that put the software developers in charge.

Frank San Miguel
Frank San Miguel (Concharto)

Frank San Miguel is the founder of Concharto, an encyclopedic atlas of history and happenings that anyone can edit. He was one of the original creators of Mapquest and has held leadership positions at a number of other internet startups in media and insurance (CondéNet, Channelpoint, Fusura). Frank is also the President/CTO of San Miguel Technology, LLC, and an adjunct faculty member at the University of Delaware Department of Computer Science. His blog is at www.tech4d.com/blog.

Ryan Sarver
Ryan Sarver (Twitter)

Ryan is currently the Director of Consumer Products at Skyhook Wireless where he leads product initiatives including the consumer product Loki. Ryan’s focus at Skyhook is on leveraging the WPS platform in consumer applications and experiences through products like Loki or through partnerships. Prior to Skyhook Wireless, Ryan was a co-founder and the Chief Technology Officer at Xplana, Inc, an educational software company.

Ryan is also the founder and chair of the LocationAware Working Group whose goal is to work with browser vendors, location providers and location consumers to define a privacy-aware standard for making a user’s geolocation data available through a simple API. Ryan is also an Invited Expert for the W3C’s Ubiquitous Web Applications Working Group.

Tim Schaub
Tim Schaub (OpenGeo)

Mr. Schaub works as a geospatial solutions engineer for The Open Planning Project. He serves as on the Project Steering Committee and is a core developer of OpenLayers.

Blake Scholl (Pelago, Inc. )

Blake Scholl is the Director of Product Development at Pelago, the creators of Whrrl. Prior to joining Pelago, Blake held various positions at Amazon.com, where he contributed to the development of Amazon’s signature personalization features and led the development of the world’s first massive-scale fully-automated system for creating, buying, and optimizing keyword targeted advertisements. Blake holds a BS in Computer Science fromCarnegie Mellon University.

Peter Semmelhack
Peter Semmelhack (Bug Labs)

Peter Semmelhack is the founder and CEO of Bug Labs, which develops BUG, an open and modular consumer electronics and web services platform. Previously, Peter was the founder and CTO of Antenna Software, a leading mobile enterprise software vendor. Following a 20 year career in software, Peter founded Bug Labs on the belief that users and communities should have the power to create and share devices in the same way they create and share digital content.

Atsushi Shionozaki
Atsushi Shionozaki (Koozyt, Inc.)

Atsushi Shionozaki received his PhD in Computer Science from
Keio University in 1995. He joined Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. (Sony CSL) in Tokyo focusing on Internet protocol research. In 2000, he joined Stanford Networking Research Center as a reseacher in residence representing Sony. After returning to Sony CSL in Tokyo in 2004, he started working on the wireless LAN locationware platform PlaceEngine with other lab members. Since then, he has left Sony CSL to start Koozyt, Inc. to market PlaceEngine business world and spawn off other location based technologies. He is a founding member and CTO of Koozyt, Inc.

Chris Spurgeon

By day Chris Spurgeon is a web developer for The Walt Disney Company. By night he mucks about with obsolete technologies, delves into the odd corners of the history of science and technology, and maintains a blog called Spurgeonworld focusing on the places where art and science meet.

Greg Sterling
Greg Sterling (Search Engine Land)

Greg Sterling is the founding principal of Sterling Market Intelligence, a consulting and research firm that tracks the impact of the Internet on offline consumer purchase behavior and its disruption of traditional media. SMI covers consumer adoption and ad models across a range of market segments, including local search, online yellow pages, online newspapers and classifieds, mobile search, social media and multi-channel shopping. Sterling is also the lead analyst for LocalMobileSearch, an advisory service from Opus Research.

Before founding SMI, Sterling ran The Kelsey Group’s Interactive Local Media program. Prior to The Kelsey Group, Sterling was at TechTV where he helped produce “Working the Web,” the first national television show dedicated to e-business and the Internet. Prior to TechTV he was a founding... Read More.

Aimee Stewart
Aimee Stewart (University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute)

Aimee Stewart has a BS in Computer Science and an MA in Geography for KU. She has worked in the GIS and Remote Sensing fields for the last 12 years, focusing on software development and mapping applications in the Informatics department of the Natural History Museum and Biodiversity Institute since 2001. After her initial seduction by proprietary software, she came to her senses and now uses open source tools whenever possible.

Vincent Tao
Vincent Tao (Microsoft Corporation)

Dr. Vincent Tao is Senior Director with Microsoft Virtual Earth and Local/Mobile Search business unit, responsible for technology strategies and international business development. Vincent joined Microsoft through the GeoTango acquisition, a 3D on-line mapping company founded by Vincent in 2002. GeoTango pioneered one of the first commercial systems, GlobeView, for on-line 3D earth visualization and exploration and developed a unique software tool, SilverEye, for single-image based 3D modeling. Prior to his entrepreneur venture, Vincent held eminent Canada Research Chair Professor position in Geospatial Information and Communication Research at York University, Toronto. Vincent was recognized by his PhD research (1995) in automated processing of street mapping images. In 1997, he co-developed the world’s first airborne integrated laser imaging system for 3D urban mapping. In 1998, he... Read More.

Paul Torrens
Paul Torrens (Arizona State University)

Dr. Paul M. Torrens is an Assistant Professor in the School of Geographical Sciences at Arizona State University and an Affiliate in the Center for Social Dynamics and Complexity. He holds a Ph.D. from University College London (2004), Master’s degrees from Trinity College Dublin (1999) and Indiana University (1998), and a Bachelor’s degree from Trinity College Dublin (1996). His research is focused on Geographic Information Science and development of geosimulation and geocomputation tools, applied modeling of complex urban systems, and new emerging cyberspaces. His projects have been supported by the U.K. Economic and Social Research Council, the U.S. National Science Foundation, the Herberger Foundation, Science Foundation Arizona, Autodesk, Inc., and Alias Research. His work earned him a CAREER Award from the U.S. National Science... Read More.

David Troy
David Troy (410Labs)

David is the founder and chairman of Roundhouse Technologies, a firm specializing in developing technologies surrounding social media and geography. David is a serial entrepreneur and has founded several technology firms including Popvox LLC and ToadNet, Inc, which he sold to Landmark Communications in 2004. David is a longtime contributor to the Asterisk open-source PBX project and has also created plugins for Ruby on Rails. In 2006, he developed an innovative distributed call center technology using Asterisk and Rails which volunteers used to reach out to over 1M voters. In 2007 he created Twittervision.com and Flickrvision.com, which are real-time visual representations of posts to Twitter and Flickr; both are on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Roundhouse will launch... Read More.

Thomas Turnbull (Green Map System)

Thomas Turnbull has been Green Map System’s technology developer for a year. He built GreenMap.org as a web2.0 site using Drupal, and an API, and is now developing the Global Green Map. With a MA in Geography from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, his background is in public sustainability education as well as web development.

Andrew Turner

Andrew Turner is a neogeographer and co-founder of Mapufacture, a personalizable geospatial search and aggregation company. He helps expand the GeoWeb by advocating open standards and developing tools such as GeoPress to make it easy to add location to your blog or CMS. Andrew blogs at http://highearthorbit.com and wrote O’Reilly’s Introduction to Neogeography.

Andrea Vaccari
Andrea Vaccari (Senseable City Lab, MIT)

Andrea Vaccari is research assistant at the Senseable City Lab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he is studying the integration of information and communication technologies in the built environment, and their implications in the social dynamics that drive city life itself. Throughout initiatives like WikiCity and the New York Talk Exchange, currently featured at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the laboratory aims to leverage the huge volume of real-time geo-referenced data provided by digital devices and sensor networks to better understand cities as real-time control systems, and to provide new tools to innovate and anticipate the effects of such innovations. Vaccari is currently completing his M.Sc. in computer engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, Italy and the joint program in... Read More.

Nadia Vitels (Nokia)

Michael spent two years at europatweb, the Internet investment vehicle of Groupe Arnault, overseeing all technology investments, including gate5. Prior to this he was with the Boston Consulting Group. He left the company after six years at manager level and a core member of BCG’s high-tech practice. He then spent four years with the Lab for Computer Science at MIT, and holds a PhD in Computer Science and a Masters in Electrical Engineering from ETH Zurich.
Before joining Nokia in 2006 Michael headed gate5 AG, the former leading supplier of mapping, routing and navigation software and services, for five years. Since the acquisition of gate5 through Nokia, Michael has been heading Location Based Experiences in the Find new experiences. Currently he is... Read More.

Bernt Wahl
Bernt Wahl (U.C. Berkeley)

CEO Factle Corporation, CEO Dynamic Software, Consultant Classified Ventures, CCO YellowGiant, Cal Lecturer, Honorary Alumni; Alumni Association (past member), founded 3 companies with UCB Faculty/Students, Berkeley Venture Group Advisor, BMUG (original member), MOT Certificate / School of Information M.A. Candidate / Haas Student, etc.

Bernt has several passions, including starting fun and innovative companies, teaching entrepreneurship, writing books on chaos theory and fractal geometry, and Internet search technology. Throughout his career, he has been involved with several start-ups and he has taught over 1,000 university engineering students how to develop new product ideas. Bernt founded Dynamic Software in 1987 while at UC Santa Cruz. Its first products produced mathematical visualization software. Dynamic Interactive — a spin-off company started in... Read More.

Jaron Waldman (Apple)

Jaron Waldman has worked as a developer, software designer, and entrepreneur in the web-based geospatial field since 1998. His company, Placebase (www.placebase.com), uses web technology to take spatial tools and approaches out of the realm of experts and make them accessible to mass audiences. Placebase’s flagship product is the Pushpin hosted web mapping platform (www.pushpin.com).

Ian White
Ian White (Urban Mapping, Inc)

Ian White is CEO of Urban Mapping, a company that produces wayfinding tools and solutions across the tactile and interactive domains. The company’s products include the multiple award-winning Panamap print map and Urbanware geospatial database products, all focusing around urban place. White holds 15 years experience in marketing strategy and product development. He has been published in academic journals and the business press.

Prior to founding Urban Mapping in 2003, White worked as a business consultant at and held various roles in business development and marketing. He also served as Adjunct Professor of Design and Management at Parsons School of Design in New York.

White received a BA from McGill University in Montreal, an MBA from Babson College and completed postgraduate studies in... Read More.

Adel Youssef
Adel Youssef (Amazon AI), @adelamin

Dr. Youssef has joined Google on June, 2006 and since then he has been working on location based services. Dr. Youssef received a PhD in Computer Science from University of Maryland, College Park in 2006. His thesis work was on location determination in wireless networks. He has three granted patents and eight pending ones. His research interests include location determination technologies, pervasive computing, sensor networks and protocol modelling. Dr. Youssef is one of the founder of the LBS team at Google and one of the principal engineers behind cellid-based location.

Geoff Zeiss
Geoff Zeiss (Autodesk, Inc.)

Geoff is a technology evangelist at Autodesk. His particular interests include streamlining the infrastructure management workflow at utilities, telecommunications firms and local government, open source geospatial and Web 2.0 and its impact on infrastructure management, and the convergence of architectural, engineering, geospatial, and 3D simulation and its implications for egovernment including citizen involvement, urban planning, emergency planning and first response. Geoff came to Autodesk from MCI VISION* Solutions where he was Director of Product Development. VISION* Solutions is credited with pioneering RDBMS-based spatial data management, CAD/GIS integration, and UML modeling in the utility, communications, and public works industries. He has more than 10 years experience developing enterprise geospatial solutions for the utilities, communications, and public works industries. Geoff is a... Read More.

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