Justin Bronn
Development Member, Django Software Foundation

Justin Bronn is a computer scientist and third-year law student at the University of Houston who enjoys studying legal topics related to intellectual property and spatial law. Prior to creating GeoDjango, Justin worked as a patent engineer for an intellectual property boutique in Houston and developed scientific data analysis applications for the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio.

In his spare time, Justin enjoys programming in Python and monitoring the crime rate in Houston via his Houston Crime Maps mash-up.

Justin received a B.S. with honors in Computer Science from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.


Location: Salon C-D Level: Intermediate
Justin Bronn (Django Software Foundation), Travis Pinney (GeoDjango), Jeremy Dunck (Pegasus News)
Django is a high-level Python web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. GeoDjango is an official branch of Django that intends to be a world-class geographic web framework. Participants will explore the features of the framework by building a geographic web application from the ground up with the experienced web developers who created GeoDjango. Read more.
Location: Salon A-F Level: Intermediate
Justin Bronn (Django Software Foundation)
GeoDjango is an add-on module for the popular open source Django web application framework that automates tedious aspects of geographic web application development. Integrating with popular spatial databases, GeoDjango allows the developer to seamlessly harness the implicit spatial relationships within their application models. Read more.
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  • Google
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  • Nokia
  • DigitalGlobe
  • Earthscape
  • EveryScape.com
  • LightPole
  • MapJack
  • MapQuest
  • MetaCarta
  • Microsoft
  • Poly9
  • Skyhook Wireless
  • TeleAtlas
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  • BNet

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