Sean Gorman

Sean Gorman
CEO and Founder, FortiusOne

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Sean P. Gorman, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Founder and Member of the FortiusOne Board of Directors

Sean Gorman founded FortiusOne in 2005 to bring advanced geospatial technologies to market. Dr. Gorman is a recognized expert in geospatial analysis and visualization. He has been featured around the world in media such as, Wired, Der Spiegel, ABC, Washington Post, Business 2.0 and CNN, and his expertise is sought after by organizations such as, the Critical Infrastructure Task Force and the Homeland Security Advisory Council.

Dr. Gorman brings over 10 years of experience at the forefront of the geospatial revolution as a researcher, practitioner, and entrepreneur to FortiusOne. Prior to FortiusOne, Dr. Gorman served as VP of R&D for GeoTel, a telecommunications mapping company, and Director of Strategy for iXOL, a Washington D.C. based incubator. Dr. Gorman received his PhD from George Mason University as the Provost’s High Potential Research Candidate and Fisher Prize recipient.


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Sean Gorman (FortiusOne)
The U.S. Government has always been an early adopter of geospatial technologies—from GPS to satellite imagery. Even the first application of the GeoWeb, Keyhole/Google Earth, received the bulk of its early support from government investment and customers. New geospatial innovations continue to be driven by government investment and will be a key resource driving the success of the GeoWeb. Read more.
There is more open geodata in the world today than we have ever seen before. Mapping data from projects like OpenStreetMap or from governments, aerial imagery and points of interest are all available for us to use. We'll look at where open geodata is coming from today, how its being used and how we can open up geodata even more.
  • Autodesk
  • Google
  • ESRI
  • Nokia
  • DigitalGlobe
  • Earthscape
  • LightPole
  • MapJack
  • MapQuest
  • MetaCarta
  • Microsoft
  • Poly9
  • Skyhook Wireless
  • TeleAtlas
  • Yahoo! Inc.
  • Zvents
  • BNet

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