Kurt MacDonald

Kurt MacDonald
Designer, HP

Kurt MacDonald is an independent experience/game designer as well as an occasional entrepreneur in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is trying to distill the secrets of creating fun, physical games that motivate people into moving outside and exploring new ways to play out there.

Over the past two years, he has worked closely with HP’s mscape project as an interactive design consultant and helped launch the nascent mscapers community this year. He was the lead designer for an interactive GPS tour about Yosemite built with mscape as part of a pilot program to test the format with visitors to the valley. Before all of that, Kurt was inspired to work on mobile media while earning an MFA at USC where he cocreated several experimental GPS projects with other students including: projectCAR: Mobile Confessional, Patholog, Chojo and MobZombies.

Last year, he cofounded a startup website, trackingshot.com, and worked as creative director on the project which had a unique cinematic algorithm for automatically generating music videos from uploaded photos, videos and music.


Location: Salon C-D Level: Intermediate
Patrick Goddi (Hewlett-Packard), Kurt MacDonald (HP), Ben Clayton (HP Labs Europe)
Kids play and modify location-based games all the time: tag, hide & seek, king of the hill, etc. These physical games are simple, social, and integrated with the environment. This tutorial is a walkthrough of rapid game development in which a familiar game is adapted into a GPS game. With just a GPS-enabled mobile device and a little creativity, everyone can build a quick, fun location-based game. Read more.
  • Autodesk
  • Google
  • ESRI
  • Nokia
  • DigitalGlobe
  • Earthscape
  • EveryScape.com
  • LightPole
  • MapJack
  • MapQuest
  • MetaCarta
  • Microsoft
  • Poly9
  • Skyhook Wireless
  • TeleAtlas
  • Yahoo! Inc.
  • Zvents
  • BNet

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