Ipoki: a GPS-based Social Network

Last year, we were presenting hipoqih at Where 2.0 2007 during the Ignite Event. It was a wonderful experience and a lot of people knew hipoqih for the first time at this event. Hipoqih is an experimental project that allows people to share their location using a small application installed in their mobile devices. So, you can see where hipoqih users are and follow them in Google Maps in realtime.

Six months later, in late December 2007, we launch the next version of the hipoqih project under a new brand: www.ipoki.com.

Ipoki.com is a GPS-based social network.

We will present our new project and talk about the relationship between the geolocation services and the new social networks; issues that we have researched on.

Ipoki will have a lot of new exciting features as result of these researches:

  • Facebook Platform Application: Share your location in realtime showing a map in your facebook profile, and receive feeds about changes in the location of your friends. All with the Ipoki application for Facebook.
  • Open Social: Integration with other social platforms is one of the main goals of Ipoki and Open Social is one of most attractive projects at this moment in this way.
  • Android: We have planned to develop the Ipoki plug-in for Android mobile platform.
  • Geofeeds: pushed geoalerts about your friends location. For example: “My wife just arrived at home,” “My brother just left town,” “My friend is 200 meters from me.”
  • Google Earth integration: You can follow your friends and others in Google Earth in realtime.
  • Flickr: Keep your tracks in Ipoki and upload your photos in Flicker. Now you can geolocate all your Flickr photos from Ipoki just with one click!
  • Netvibes: You can integrate the Ipoki gadget in your Netvibes desktop to see where other people are.
  • IGoogle: You can integrate the Ipoki gadget at IGoogle.
  • Web for mobile: You can manage your privacy from a mobile device and look for your friends to see where they are in a map.
  • Social capabilities: See the location of random people, list of friends, invite friends from ipoki.com, manage your privacy, customize your picture, include tags.
  • Communication: registered users can post comments to the map of other users and they can send responses from Ipoki plug-in in realtime.
  • Embed your map with your real-time location in your Blog or any other site.
  • Easily share your real-time location in the Internet directly with your Ipoki URL (http:www.ipoki.com/maps/username ).
  • Ipoki API for developers to send and retreive users’ location.

Ipoki.com is a startup based on Spain.

Photo of Diego Fernández Domínguez

Diego Fernández Domínguez


Diego Fernandez is cofounder of ipoki.com, a GPS-based social network. He used to work on Indra, a spanish consultant company, working for e-health projects. Prior to joining Ipoki project, Diego was working in Denodo Technologies where he was involved in many internet projects.
He lives in A Coruña (Spain) and he likes skiing, play the piano and travel around the world.

Photo of Alberto Andres

Alberto Andres


Alberto is cofounder and Business Developer of Ipoki.com. He used to work on Arthur Andersen and Bearing Point as technology consultant. He also works as software architectures analyst.
He lives in Madrid and he likes to snowboard.

  • Autodesk
  • Google
  • ESRI
  • Nokia
  • DigitalGlobe
  • Earthscape
  • EveryScape.com
  • LightPole
  • MapJack
  • MapQuest
  • MetaCarta
  • Microsoft
  • Poly9
  • Skyhook Wireless
  • TeleAtlas
  • Yahoo! Inc.
  • Zvents
  • BNet

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