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Yerba Buena Salon 12-14
Sebastian Delmont (
StreetEasy rolls their own maps. They depend on OSM data and a custom tileset served by Mapbox. Read more.
Yerba Buena Salon 12-14
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Uber is an on-demand transportation service. We use node.js to handle thousands of requests per second and utilize all of this data to create new geospatial prediction algorithms. Read more.
Yerba Buena Salon 12-14
Raffi Krikorian (Uber Advanced Technologies Center)
Twitter handles thousands of tweets per second. Come learn how. Read more.
Yerba Buena Salon 12-14
Andrew Turner (GeoIQ)
GeoIQ provides real-time exploration and analysis of millions of geospatial features. The technology stack combines open data standards with the development speed of Ruby on Rails, the asynchronous processing of node.js and our own highly scalable data storage - deployable horizontally across EC2 or on laptops in Afghanistan. Read more.
Yerba Buena Salon 12-14
Raj Advani (UpNext)
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UpNext is a highly customizable 3D mapping platform built for mobile and tablet devices. Learn how UpNext creates powerful vector and tile blended maps using EC2, Cloudfront, SOLR and MongoDB. Read more.
Yerba Buena Salon 12-14
Sha Hwang (Trulia)
Trulia is churning through millions of datapoints around crime, schools, homes and businesses to help people find a place to live. We're building our Geo stack on Python, Tilestache, and GeoDjango to deploy this information nationwide and pushing the limits of highly dynamic prototyping with Javascript and Web Workers. Read more.
Yerba Buena Salon 12-14
Jeffrey Martin (
Learn about the 360Cities stack vis-à-vis Jeffrey's attempt to automatically stitch, geotag, upload, publish, and tweet high-resolution 360º images in near-realtime at SXSW 2012. Read more.
Yerba Buena Salon 12-14
Brian Leonard (TaskRabbit)
TaskRabbit is using mobile apps, natural language processing, location, and Rails to get things done in your neighborhood. Read more.
Yerba Buena Salon 12-14
Patrick Collison (Stripe)
Stripe uses everything from Backbone.js to custom MySQL replication drivers to process millions of dollars of transactions. In this talk, Patrick describes the technology behind Stripe. Read more.
Yerba Buena Salon 12-14
Joe Zadeh (Airbnb)
With over 3,000 photographers all around the world, professional photography has grown into one of Airbnb's most important differentiators for host activation, security and design. Learn how Airbnb turned a pilot program into one of the largest collections of home interior photos in the world. Read more.
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  • AT&T Interactive
  • Google
  • Nokia, Location & Commerce
  • Facebook
  • Bing
  • Control Group
  • Localeze
  • MyCityWay
  • Socrata
  • Urban Airship
  • MapQuest

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